Discover how IoT Managed EDC helps your business

Banking and Financial Services
IoT Managed EDC Use Case
Supporting the banking and financial sector in Indonesia with EDC and ATM payment devices for seamless transactions.
20%-25 %
Data Usage Efficiency
SIM Card Subscribers
IoT Managed EDC for your business solutions
EDC Service Reporting

Facilitates tracking transactions, operational status, and device performance.

Better Experience for Customers

Enhancing customer experience by providing services tailored to preferences.

4G / 5G Connectivity

Faster transaction processing to increase payment efficiency.

Payment Flexibility

The payment business model can be done on a monthly or annual basis.

IoT Managed EDC Features
Simplifies the management and monitoring of EDC devices in enhancing customer data security and ensuring more efficient and secure transaction processes.
IoT Managed EDC Feature
Frequently asked questions about IoT Managed EDC

IoT Managed EDC solution is a service provided by Telkomsel to corporate customers for managing and maintaining EDC machines, connectivity, terminal services, integration, and monitoring service end-to-end with a monthly cost business model.

You can subscribe to IoT Managed EDC solution by clicking the 'Consult Now' button and Telkomsel team will contact you.

For pricing details of Telkomsel IoT Managed EDC, customers can contact to our Telkomsel teams.

Requests for features in the Telkomsel IoT Managed EDC can be made by contacting our Telkomsel teams.

The installation cost of the Telkomsel IoT Managed EDC refers to the setup module fees based on an agreement with the customer.

Due to the contractual agreement between Telkomsel and customer, service termination is not possible

The customer's PIC can contact call center or Telkomsel teams.

Customers can contact Telkomsel or Managed Service teams for Telkomsel IoT Managed EDC services.

Optimize operations with
comprehensive EDC services

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