Discover how CloudX Hub helps your business

Academic Information
CloudX Hub Use Case 1
Providing academic information through a call center regarding questions about colleges or schools.
Hardware Investment
Multi Department
Corporate Communication
CloudX Hub Use Case 2
Communication with internal and external call centers for improved coordination.
High Productivity
Cost Saving
Customer Service
CloudX Hub Use Case 3
Providing 24/7 IVR services that allow customers to access information, submit complaints, and make transaction anytime.
Connected Calls
Record Success Rate
Why CloudX Hub is the right solution for your business
Access From Anywhere

Work from anywhere with smartphone for communication between employees and branch offices.

Easy Management

Easy deployment process with security support and a fast system.

Supporting Corporate Communication

Providing solutions for companies by offering a hotline number.

Operational Flexibility

Minimizing costs with ease and flexibility tailored to company needs.

CloudX Hub Features
Providing user-friendly communication service solutions to effectively optimize customer communications through easy operations.
CloudX Hub Feature
Frequently asked questions about CloudX Hub

CloudX Hub is one of the services offered by CloudX which provides flexible communication service solution that can be used anywhere and is easy to use.

CloudX Hub provides communication services with PABX features that emphasize call center functions to be operated within the Telkomsel Cloud, so customers don't need to have their own PABX infrastructure.

You can access CloudX Hub using your smartphone.

CloudX Hub is currently only available to customers with postpaid cards.

Customers can record or upload IVR announcements by themselves on the dashboard or Cloud web portal to match the customer's brand image.

Communicate easily without
additional devices

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