Discover how Fuel Management System helps your business

Fuel Monitoring Digitalization
Fuel Management System Use Case 1
Real-time monitoring of fuel usage to avoid running out of fuel during the journey.
Fuel Expense Efficient
Fuel Stock Visibility
Fuel Management System Use Case 2
Enhancing data accuracy through continuous monitoring for more efficient fuel utilization and management.
Prevent Fuel Loss
Fuel Management System Use Case 3
Securing the security of fuel distribution and transactions that is accessed by authorized users to prevent fraud.
Why Fuel Management System is the right solution for your business
Cost Efficiency

Optimize fuel consumption by tracking its usage to save costs.

Fuel Monitoring for Efficiency

Real-time monitoring of fuel consumption and vehicle performance through a dashboard.

Accurate Data and Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports and analyses to make data-driven decisions.

Fuel Loss Prevention

Monitor and detect unwanted situations to reduce the risk of losses.

Fuel Management System Features
Fuel Management System is designed to monitor, control, and optimize fuel consumption in mining equipment and vehicles.
Fuel Management System Feature 1
Fuel Management System Feature 2
Frequently asked questions about Fuel Management System

Customers will receive the installation of equipment such as the Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG), Level Sensor Flow Meter, Access Reader, Application, and Dashboard according to your digitalization needs.

FMS offers solutions tailored to real installation conditions with versatile equipment choices, optimizing budget allocation.

The business model can be adjusted to suit conditions in the field and by customer requests. The payment models that can be made are One-Time fee (upfront), Installment, or a combination of both which can make it easier for customers to determine how to pay.

Fuel devices such as flow meters and dispensers can be equipped with sensors and MCUs to pull their data in a real-time via dashboard, making it monitorable through the web.

Trial or PoC can be provided for 1 month. For further information, please click the 'Consult Now' button and our team will contact you.

The parameters that can be monitored include Fuel Consumption Per Vehicle / Equipment, Fuel Inventory, Fuel Transactions, Fuel Quality, Vehicle / Equipment Idling, and Maintenance Reminders.

Real-time fuel storage
monitoring solution

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