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Internal Communication
CloudX Communication Use Case 1
Fulfilling the communication needs between employees and branch offices to enhance business productivity.
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Corporate Communication
CloudX Communication Use Case 2
Managing internal and external communication for efficiency between employees and also customers in different locations.
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Customer Service
CloudX Communication Use Case 3
Managing calls to provide service in handling customer inquiries or complaints.
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Why CloudX Communication is the right solution for your business
Access From Anywhere

Work from anywhere with smartphone for communication between employees and branch offices.

Easy Management

Easy deployment process with security support and a fast system.

Supporting Corporate Communication

Providing solutions for companies by offering a hotline number.

Operational Flexibility

Minimizing costs with ease and flexibility tailored to company needs.

CloudX Communication Features
Managing services becomes easier with features that enable collaboration among employees and branches, such as extensions and multi-device capabilities.
CloudX Communication Feature 1
CloudX Communication Feature 2
CloudX Communication Feature 3
Frequently asked questions about CloudX Communication

With CloudX Communication, your company no longer needs a PABX or device maintenance.

You can create grouping in CloudX Communication, allowing inter-branch calls throughout Indonesia for free.

The location of the Cloud PABX server is in Indonesia.

CloudX Communication can be used on all types of mobile phones (native calls) and open-configuration SIP Phones.

The first step is to discuss with with our teams to understand your business needs so we can implement CloudX Communication according to your company's needs.

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