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Utilizing Advance Technology
Connected Worker Use Case 1
Enhancing production efficiency and proactive real-time hauling operations identification through a dashboard.
Fatigue Accident
Operational Productivity
Connected Worker Use Case 2
Monitoring mining equipment through a single dashboard to gain comprehensive insights without the need to be on-site.
Labor Efficiency
Production Output Increase
Device Advancement In Industry
Connected Worker Use Case 3
Employee communication with a web-based dashboard using Smartwatches and SOS buttons that can be monitored in real-time.
Unplanned Breakdown
Why Connected Worker is the right solution for your business
Data Integration and Acquisition

Integrated dashboard that combines data from different sources.

Bottleneck Identification

Data analysis from the dashboard to identify bottlenecks and minimize disruptions.

Safety Alerts and Notifications

Providing notifications and alerts if the operational team enters restricted areas.

Subscription Scheme

Cost allocation can be set and adjusted according to the company's needs.

Connected Worker Features
The dashboard provides real-time data and information, designed to assist mining operators in making decisions to improve the efficiency of mining operations.
Connected Worker Feature 1
Connected Worker Feature 2
Frequently asked questions about Connected Worker

Connected Worker Dashboard displays various types of data depending on the needs of the company or system. This include operational metrics such as Equipment, Hauling and Dispatching, also Maintenance. Data sourced from various systems, databases, APIs, and IoT devices.

Most Connected Worker dashboard features offer customization options to tailor the dashboard to specific needs of the company. Customization options often include the ability to create personalized dashboards for different user roles or departments.

Connected Worker Dashboard provides real-time and actionable insights, enabling users to make data-driven decisions. By visualizing key metrics, a dashboard helps users identify issues, and take appropriate actions to optimize business achieve their goals.

Connected Worker dashboard can be integrated with other software or systems. This allows data to be pulled from various sources and makes the data more comprehensive.

Connected Worker can be accessed using smartphones and tablets. Mobile access allows users to stay connected at all times.

Easily monitor miners with
a single dashboard

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