Discover how MyAds helps your business

Increasing Awareness
MyAds Use Case 1.1
Support culinary business to introduce its business by targeting message recipients according to the specified location.
Telkomsel Users
3 Outlet
Promoting New Business
MyAds Use Case 1.2
Promote and expand the clinic's presence so that it is more widely known to customers.
Telkomsel Users
Reaching Business Radius
MyAds Use Case 1.3
Promoting fundraising goals throughout Indonesia with an effective strategy.
Telkomsel Users
Fundraising Achieved
Increase Loyalty
MyAds Use Case 2.1
Establish a good relations with customers using SMS to deliver attractive promotions.
Telkomsel Users
MyAds Use Case 2.2
Analyzing the business based on the results of published advertising reports.
Telkomsel Users
Profile Interest
Why MyAds is the right solution for your business

Sending messages to all Telkomsel users.


Reach target consumers according to your business customer profile.


Monitor the performance of ads that have been run.

MyAds Features
Send your business advertisements via SMS, MMS, Pop-up Messages, and Display Banners to over 160 million Telkomsel users.
MyAds Feature
Frequently asked questions about MyAds

Please register first, then you can log in and activate your account by uploading your ID card (KTP). Wait for admin’s approval and once your account has been approved, you can top up your balance and advertise on MyAds.

You need to prepare an ID card (KTP). For MyAds users who are legal entities, you are required to upload your company’s NPWP. This is necessary to create tax invoices (if needed).

Users simply register here. Once approved, you can follow the easy steps like making Sender ID (Sender Name), Filling Balance, and then creating advertisements. For more complete methods, the manual guide can be downloaded at

Once all processes are approved, ads will run according to your request. The process will be completed within a maximum of 1X24 hours.

Approved advertisements cannot be revised, our team can only assist in canceling the campaign, and customers can create a new campaign again. The balance from the canceled campaign will be refunded after the canceled campaign period is completed.

Start Your Journey With Us
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Account Registration

Register your business to advertise on MyAds.

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Log In & Trial

Log in with your account and free trial.

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Account Activation

Activate the account to get full MyAds feature.

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Top Up MyAds Balance

Top up the balance to start advertising your business.

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Monitor Ad Delivery

Make ads according to your needs and monitor the results.

Send promotional ads to 160 million Telkomsel users

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