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DigiAds Use Case 1.1
We effectively set targeted ads to your audience based on specific location within certain radius.
Click Through Rate
DigiAds Use Case 1.2
Reach the right target audience with personalised message based on their demography and mobile behaviour.
Click Through Rate
DigiAds Use Case 1.3
Broadcast ad in one go, to the target audience based on your own data of Telkomsel subscribers.
Click Through Rate
DigiAds Use Case 1.4
Increase your ad engagement by enabling interactive message such as quiz, survey for your target audience.
Click Through Rate
DigiAds Use Case 2.1
Display ads placement that will pop up in websites when audiences are browsing with Telkomsel’s network in Jabodetabek.
Click Through Rate
DigiAds Use Case 2.2
Streaming video app that enables Telkomsel users to subscribe and enjoy various content
Active Users
DigiAds Use Case 2.3
Android-based aggregator app, which allow Telkomsel users to get variety of information and rewards.
Click Through Rate
DigiAds Use Case 2.4
An app to purchase credit, data packages, make online payments, shop at merchants, and much more using a smartphone.
DigiAds Use Case 2.5
Self-service app for Telkomsel subscribers to add credit, pay bills, browse or activate packages, and redeem points.
Click Through Rate
DigiAds Use Case 2.6
Gaming news portal that equips gamers community with tips, guides, reviews, and game voucher sales platform.
Active Users/Month
DigiAds Use Case 2.7
The largest premium programmatic advertising platform in Indonesia.
0.15% - 0.2%
Click Through Rate
DigiAds Use Case 2.8
Redirection page for unavailable domain names and blocked websites.
Traffic Audience
DigiAds Use Case 3.1
Offer data package as an incentive to your target audience with terms & conditions applied.
DigiAds Use Case 3.2
Give free access without any data usage to certain website, application, or video, for your target audience.
DigiAds Use Case 3.3
Provide reward to all types of mobile device users, in SMS and voice format.
DigiAds Use Case 4.1
Deliver Your ads during breaks in Live TV programs on 42 IndiHome TV channels.
Time on One TV Channel
DigiAds Use Case 4.2
Ads in the form of images or videos that appear on the IndiHome TV menu screen.
Total Number of Viewers
DigiAds Use Case 4.3
A form of promotion of television programs that are aired on television stations live. 
Total Number of Viewers
Why DigiAds is the right solution for your business
80+ Publishers
Data Insight & Audience Targeting

Through data processing, we help you implement the right strategy to develop your business.

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Mudah diimplementasikan
API Services

Provide insights from various channels used by consumers to develop targeted marketing strategies.

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Keamanan bagi pengguna
Various Ad Formats

Various ad units and formats to maximize your message delivery. 

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Optimalkan Iklan Dengan Berbagai Format

We provide open dashboard access from the beginning to the end of ad serving & ensure it can be accounted for.

DigiAds Features
A promotion message delivery solution that can be customized to the target profile needs of potential customers.
DigiAds Feature
Frequently asked questions about DigiAds

We will provide a "post campaign report" for every campaign/advertisement that has finished running, that can help you to monitor or evaluate your ad performance.

Messaging (SMS) still serves as the most effective channel. It's always stored in the inbox and provides the best conversion results in every advertisement carried out.

DSP: DV360, TTD, Amobee & other DSP
SSP: Adex & Pubmatic

LBA messaging is an advertisement that is distributed based on the location desired by the advertiser. Meanwhile, Targeted messaging is broader because it can reach ad recipients in more detail and closer according to the character of the user desired by the advertiser.


You can execute campaigns independently via the dashboard provided through MyAds.

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