Discover how Private Network helps your business

On-site Connectivity
Private Network Use Case 1
Providing on-site network with local breakout to enhance the business operations of the corporate clients.
High-Performance Network
Private Network Use Case 2
Replace your existing Wi-Fi with the Telkomsel cellular network to enable smoother application usage.
Exclusive Network
Private Network Use Case 3
A high-availability, wide-coverage enterprise private network only accessible internally.
Why Private Network is the right solutions for your business
Minimizing Dependency

Stay connected with external connectivity when the public network experiences issues.

Avoid the Risk of Downtime

Ensuring system continuity with a robust network design.

Protecting System and Data

Keeps systems operational with cellular network-based coding capabilities.

Pervasive Coverage

Efficiently enhance productivity by expanding the network extensively

Private Network Features
Providing exclusive and private connectivity with high reliability that can be customized to support efficient and secure performance across the entire company's operational area.
Private Network Feature 1
Private Network Feature 2
Private Network Feature 3
Frequently asked questions about Private Network

Customers will be given a portable Private Network during the implementation process.

Private Network is specifically designed for enterprise customers who are whitelisted, meaning only those enterprise customers have access to it.

The Private Network radios can be shared with the public (hybrid network) as per the requirements of the company.

It can be accessed using a private network SIM card (different from the usual) that has more specific requirements and security.

The use of 4G or 5G networks for Private Networks will be adjusted to suit company needs.

Stabilizing connections company
for better performance

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