Discover how 5G & MEC helps your business

5G Remote Operations
5G & MEC Use Case 1
5G technology with low latency and high throughput to control devices remotely.
Low Latency
5G In The Box
5G & MEC Use Case 2
Combining 5G and MEC at customer premises for faster, private, and ready-to-use processing.
1 Hours
Fast Installation
Why 5G & MEC is the right solution for your business
Seamless Connection

Network remains stable when connected to reliable 5G connectivity.

Increase Business Productivity

5G MEC is capable of exploring various use cases and enhancing the company's value.

Maintaining Data Security

Data security is protected and monitored to reduce the risk of leaks and attacks.

Low Latency

Faster connectivity helps enhance the efficiency of remote operations.

5G & MEC Features
Transform your business with reliable 5G connectivity to face the ever-evolving challenges in the future.
5G & MEC Feature 1
5G & MEC Feature 2
5G & MEC Feature 3
Frequently asked questions about 5G & MEC

Depends on the specific use case. If it doesn't require automation (high bandwidth and low latency), 4G is sufficient. If it does, 5G will perform well.

The adoption of 5G technology can assist industrial participants in enhancing their productivity, effectiveness, and operational efficiency by implementing various innovations with this 5G technology.

Corporate customers can contact our Telkomsel teams spread across all regions in Indonesia.

5G technology supports the government sector through the development of Smart Cities that can improve the lives of the community, ranging from safer and integrated transportation to broader implementation of IoT in various urban development and public policy sectors.

You can bundle this solution with IaaS solutions. Please click the button below, and Telkomsel teams will promptly get in touch to customize it according to your company's needs.

Transform your business
with 5G network

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