Discover how FleetSense helps your business

Ensure Comfort and Safety
FleetSense Use Case 1
Maintain safety by monitoring vehicles and drivers through artificial intelligence technology anywhere and anytime
Increase Driving Safety
Driver Fatigue Detection
Total Visibility
FleetSense Use Case 2
Optimize fleet operations with total visibility for safety and security both inside and around the vehicles.
Driver Smoking Detection
Phone Distract Detection
Visual Evidence
FleetSense Use Case 3
Surveillance videos will provide detailed performance reports and data conformation for accurate troubleshooting.
Driver Distract Detection
Phone Distract Detection
Why FleetSense is the right solution to ensure the security of your fleet
Improved Fleet Safety

Protecting the fleet and detecting unexpected situations through visual AI assistance.

Passengers and Drivers Safety

Monitoring vehicles for safety and security in anticipation of driving risks.

Manage Fleet Smarter and Safer

Optimizing operational vehicle security through total visibility for fleet performance.

Quick Prevention

Facilitating operators to oversee an incident by monitoring the ongoing fleet.

FleetSense Features
A high-tech solution to enhance safety and security through comprehensive visibility for drivers and moving assets.
FleetSense Feature 1
FleetSense Feature 2
Frequently asked questions about FleetSense

FleetSense can be customized by your needs. AI-powered cameras are capable of adapting the necessary insights required by the company.

We will assess your business needs. Maximum 8 camera channels can be installed on each MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorder)

The cameras can be accessed in real-time via the dashboard and can be replayed according to the selected time.

The data is securely stored in both the MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorder) and the cloud server, with a maximum storage period up to 20 days.

The device will continue to store data locally when passing through remote areas and will upload the data once network connectivity is available again.

Enhance fleet performance and security
with visual monitoring.

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