Employee Consumer in Koperasi

Koperasi Digital Use Case
Providing benefits to employees through Allowance Management in the form of allowances and loans for shopping.
Why Koperasi Digital is the right solution for your business
New Business Opportunities

Koperasi Digital open up opportunities for koperasi to run a new businesses.

Simplifying Koperasi Operational Process

Integrated features with no limitations on the number of items and branches.

Simplifying Business Planning Koperasi

Directly monitor business planning and performance evaluation through a dashboard.

Up to Date Application Features

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Koperasi Digital Features
Koperasi Digital provides a complete solution from Web Apps for cooperative managers to the Mobile Apps that can be used by members for shopping, both offline and online.
Koperasi Digital Feature 1
Koperasi Digital Feature 2
Frequently asked questions about Koperasi Digital

One stop digitalization application for Koperasi to run their business with easy access, rich features and integrated.

The available features are Management Allowance​, e-Commerce System, ​User Hierarchy System, ​Cashier ​Management, Product​ System Inventory​, Dashboard and Reporting, and many more​.

Koperasi Digital have an integrated and rich features that can support various types of Koperasi with affordable subscription fees

Whitelable can Customization of Logo, Koperasi Name, Mobile Application Name and Mobile Application Color Theme

You can read the user guidebook in PDF form or watch the Koperasi Digital tutorial video. You can also use the mobile application to connect directly with Customer Service.

You can subscribe to Telkomsel Koperasi Digital by clicking the 'Consult Now' button and Telkomsel team will contact you.

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