Telkomsel and Singtel Collaborate with Google to Support Digital Business Transformation Through the Development of Rich Communication Services (RCS)
30 Jan 2024
Updated on 30 Jan 2024

  • Telkomsel and Singtel collaborate with Google to introduce innovative RCS Business Messaging (RBM) to support digital business transformation by enhancing customer communication experiences and providing more feature-rich short messaging solutions.
  • RCS Business Messaging (RBM) services enable Telkomsel customers to upgrade Short Messaging Services (SMS) with higher interactivity, share high-quality multimedia content, participate in more dynamic group chats, and include support for read receipts and typing indicators.
  • RCS services with RBM will be available for Telkomsel customers in Indonesia and Singtel customers in Singapore, taking into account the availability of smart devices that already support this technology.


Jakarta, January 29, 2024 - In support of digital business transformation, Telkomsel announces a strategic partnership with Google to introduce innovative Rich Communication Services (RCS) with Rich Business Messaging (RBM). The objective is to enhance customer communication experiences and provide more advanced and feature-rich short messaging solutions supported by Telkomsel’s leading and extensive network infrastructure in Indonesia.


At the signing between Telkomsel and Google for the RCS Business Messaging (RBM) partnership, which were also attended and witnessed by Indonesia's Ministry of Communications and Informatics Director General of Post and Informatics Implementation in Jakarta (1/29), it is said that as the latest standard in mobile communication services, RCS enables Telkomsel customers to upgrade Short Messaging Services (SMS) with higher interactivity, share high-quality multimedia content, engage in more dynamic group chats, and includes full support for read receipts and typing indicators.


Regarding this collaboration, Wong Soon Nam, Telkomsel Chief Strategic Planning Officer, stated, "Collaborating with Google to enhance customer experiences through the introduction of RCS services with Rich Business Messaging is a step in line with the spirit of #PastiAdaSolusi (There is Always a Solution) which embodies our commitment to providing tailored solutions through cutting-edge technology to businesses in Indonesia. This collaboration also reflects Telkomsel's vision to continue leading digital transformation and innovation in the Indonesian telecommunications industry and create added value inclusively and sustainably for hundreds of millions of our customers."


Businesses can also use all the advanced communication features provided in RCS to deliver 'RCS Business Messages' (RBM) to customers according to their specific use cases. The RBM services will be available for Telkomsel customers in Indonesia and for the customers of corporate shareholders of Telkomsel, Singtel, in Singapore, by considering the availability of devices that already support this technology. In the future, customers will be able to enjoy more benefits along with the continuous advancement of RCS services.


Terence Lai Tuck Leong, Vice President of Digitalisation, Products, and Partnerships of Singtel Singapore, said, “We’re always looking for new and innovative platforms and services that we can help enterprises improve their business performance and customer engagements. With this platform, we’re opening up opportunities for businesses of any size and from any sector to reach a large and growing pool of RCS users to offer their solutions and services as well as serve them better.“


Jason Choy, Director, Android & Business Communication Product Partnerships, International from Google, stated, "We are pleased to collaborate with Telkomsel to bring RCS Business Messaging to users in Indonesia. With Telkomsel's over 28 years of experience in the Indonesian market, we believe that Telkomsel has the credibility to provide reliable telecommunication solutions to business players, including support for RBM. We hope this service will support digital transformation in various types of businesses and open new opportunities for future business innovation."


Since 2016, Telkomsel has expressed its support for the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) in promoting universal RCS adoption.


Head of APAC GSMA, Julian Gorman, said, ”We welcome this partnership Telkomsel and Singtel with Google and the benefits it can bring to enterprises in Asia. Mobile users and the industry can benefit greatly from universal and interoperable standards, such as RCS, when it comes to mobile technologies. It fosters and encourage healthy market competition and with-it innovation. The GSMA’s RCS Universal Profile (UP) provides open, consistent, and global messaging service across networks and devices. It benefits both business users and consumer, as it simplifies interoperability and enables equipment manufacturers and OS providers to achieve scale, giving mobile users a richer and more consistent messaging experience regardless of device or network.”


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