CloudX Communication

Solutions for more efficient and optimal integration of all lines

Cloud-based line connectivity platform that connects company lines in real-time across the country

Product Features

Virtual PABX Features

Can cover all PABX on premise (analog) features that can be accessed anywhere

Access types for users

Users can easily access this service through the application, deskphone, desktop, or mobile native

Easy deployment

The deployment process is easy and fast, but still supported by good security, making it easier for companies to expand

Comprehensive dashboard

You can control all users and configure through a comprehensive dashboard

Product Benefits

Work Anywhere

Employees can work anywhere and collaborate between employees/branches, so they are not glued to the deskphone on their desk as they are today


Companies are more flexible in expanding to all branch offices and cloud development


Costs can be kept to a minimum because there is no need to build a new network

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