Endpoint Protection

Protect your business devices to prevent and detect threats

Protect your business devices to prevent and detect threats. Telkomsel Mobile Endpoint Protection is a cloud delivered solution designed to protect the mobile device at the intersection of work and play. Powered by the world’s largest dataset of mobile threats, Mobile Endpoint Protection leverages a lightweight app on each employee’s device to deliver real-time visibility, risk mitigation and threat remediation across your entire mobile device fleet.

Product Features

Detect and Block App Threats

Apps are the main way that sensitive data is accessed on mobile devices, with risks spanning across both iOS and Android

Device Vulnerability Assessment

OS vulnerabilities increase across iOS and Android. Improved security from the speed of cybercriminal exploits

Protection from Network Threats

Often taking the form of a man-in -the-middle attack, these network threats are typically spoofing a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Privacy Focused Phishing Protection

Phishing Protection stops cybercriminals from exploiting which allows for protection against mobile phishing

Product Benefits

Safe and Reliable

Securely and confidently roll out enterprise mobility with a continuous state access policy that monitors the health posture and patch levels of all connected mobile devices, even from outside enterprise boundaries

Administrative Costs

Reduce administration costs with out-of-the-box integration into any EMM and leading SIEM platforms, and provide real-time visibility into mobile risk incidents and self-service threat remediation.

Enterprise Data Control

Ensure control of corporate data on BYO-Devices by monitoring and enforcing that sensitive data is not transferred through unsanctioned applications.

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