Field Force Management

Application to organize and monitor field workers

It's time to accelerate in certainty with cloud-based mobile application to organize and monitor field workers and improve communication between workers wherever they are using Field Force Management

Product Features

Task Management and Control

Supervisors can schedule assignments for field employees via the web portal and view work progress.

Route Management and Optimization

Helps to determine the most effective route by considering the traffic and sequence of visit.

Employee Tracking

Management can track in real time the whereabouts of each mobile workforce.

Customer Management

All of customers’ information such as order history, service request, customer feedback and payment history.

Photo Capture

Improve the visibility of employees in the field, also take and upload the photo via the app.

Operational Reporting

Two default operational reports: photo report & visit report. Customizable operational report is available by request.

Product Benefits

Time Efficiency

Reduce field employee travel time with a comprehensive overview from status to job location

Communication Efficiency

More efficient communication in the completion of tasks between employees

Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction with time efficiency in completing work

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