Digital Right Management

A secure solution for syncing, sharing and storing data.

Whether you need to enable personal productivity, facilitate team collaboration, or curb well-intentioned employee workarounds, it is the best choice for secure file storage, synchronization and sharing.

Product Features

Unique File-level Security

Security travels with your files wherever they go, controlling access even after they leave your firewall.

Unmatched Cross-platform Support

Workspaces apps are available for Windows®, macOS, Android™, iOS and HTML5 browsers

Extending and Mobilizing Storage

Workspaces offers unified access and control for all your existing data stores—there’s no need to migrate your files.

Tracking and Reporting All File Activity

Workspaces provides complete activity logs to meet security and privacy compliance and reporting requirements.

Collaborate Inside and Outside Your Fire

Create collaborative workspaces and manage access and permissions by group and individual.

Product Benefits

Can Share Files

Can share files within the team and external companies

Automatic File Sync

Files are automatically synchronized and updated on all employee devices

Easy Access

Can be accessed from any platform (iOS, Windows, Blackberry and desktop)

Sharing File

Can share files in a large size (up to 10 GB)

Easy to Use 

Can fully control user file control (user permission)


Flexible deployment (on-premise, hybrid, cloud)

Easily Intergrated 

Can be easily integrated with third parties (share point, one drive, IBM File net, etc)

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