Have a Fun SMSgroup Chat Without an Internet Connection

Chat with your friends in a group chat with up to 30 members for only Rp0 per SMS without any additional fees and internet quota.

Stay Connected, Keep Updated


Send messages to many people,
only Rp0 per SMS.


Works with all mobile phones,
no need for an internet connection.


Create up to 20 groups with a maximum
of 30 members per group.

For All Groups in Your Life

Create a chat group for your family, best friends, co-workers, and sport team that you’re a part of. You can also use it for school projects and planning events such as gatherings, parties or travels.


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Dudu Nahdudin
Dudu Nahdudin

"SMSgroup unites me with my family, friends, school friends, including all my soulmate, so it's easy to communicate. Thank you SMSgroup, I LOVE YOU FULL."

Imron Purbadiredja
Imron Purbadiredja

“I can send messages to everyone in the group without any additional fees. Now, I find it easier to discuss about work and stay connected with friends and family. I love SMSgroup!!”


"Just wanna say that this service is so good! I have bad internet connection at home, but SMSgroup always works. 😊 It keeps me updated about my family and friends.”


"Thank you for making our life easier, SMSgroup. The only chat group that can be accessed using all kinds of cell phone, including the old ones. No need for internet or app. I always use SMSgroup for family, university, and Quran study group.”

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  • Terms & Conditions

What is SMSgroup?

SMSgroup is a service to create a group chat by using SMS. Simply send 1 SMS and all members in the group can read it.

How much does SMSgroup cost?

Every SMS sent to the group costs Rp 0 per SMS and you will receive some ads. You can buy a subscription package if you don't want to receive ads.

Do I need Internet connection to use SMSgroup?

No, you don’t. You can use SMSgroup in all types of mobile phone without an internet connection. Just SMS.

How do I subscribe for SMSgroup package?

Simply type this command and send to 98118:

  • REG SG3 (Rp1,650/3 days/50 SMS to the group).
  • REG SG7 (Rp3,300/7 days/150 SMS to the group).
  • REG SG30 (Rp11,000/30 days/750 SMS to the group).

Apart from being abided to the General Provisions for Telkomsel Service Users and the General Privacy Policy for Telkomsel Service, you hereby declare that you have read and agreed to the specific terms and conditions of the SMSgroup service, as follows:

  1. SMSgroup service is a service for creating group chats using SMS. Just 1 SMS can reach all group members.
  2. The SMSgroup service can only be activated and used on the Telkomsel network in Indonesia.
  3. The scheme and the validity period of the subscription follow the respective conditions that were confirmed at the beginning of the purchase.
  4. The whole SMSgroup services are available for kartuHalo, simPATI, KARTU As, and Loop customers.
  5. The SMSgroup service can be applied to any type of device or handset, and does not require an internet connection.
  6. The SMSgroup service can be used for up to 20 groups with a maximum of 30 members per group.
  7. For those of you who use this SMSgroup service for free, then you state that you are willing to accept any advertisements that will be sent by Telkomsel or parties cooperating with Telkomsel.
  8. The operation of this SMSgroup service is accompanied by advertisements sent by Telkomsel and other parties that cooperate with Telkomsel, these advertisements can be deactivated if you have purchased a subscription package for the SMSgroup service.
  9. By using this SMSgroup service, you are giving approval to Telkomsel to deliver information related to your MSISDN to Telkomsel's partners in order to carry out this SMSgroup service appropriately.
  10. For further information regarding tariffs and active subscription period, please contact Customer Service at 188.
  11. You can stop using the SMSgroup service at any time by typing BATAL and sending it to 98118.