VAS-Family Zone

Know what your kids are doing online

Make sure they are protected from online dangers such as cyber-bullying, inappropriate websites and sexting. Get Family Protect from Playstore.

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Safeguard your kids from mobile threats

Family Protect

  • An app-based service installed on your kid’s phone that filters content and controls social media and apps
  • It also keeps you informed of what your kids are doing on their phones

How it works


Download parent’s app

Download Family Protect app from Playstore or by dialing *500*56# and input activation code from SMS


sign up

Sign-up and setting the child’s profile


Get activation key for child

Get activation key for child’s device by click “add device” in parent’s app


Download child’s app from playstore

Download Family Protect Child App di child’s device


Activation on child’s device

Input activation key from parent’s app to child’s app



Your child’s device already protected by Family Protect

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  • FAQ

  • Terms & conditions

  • Famiy Protect Tutorial

What is Family Protect?

It’s a service that allows parents to protect their kids from online dangers by controlling and monitoring what the kids are doing on their phones.

What are the key features of Family Protect?

The features include Internet Content Filtering, Device Feature Manager, Controlled Social Media & Apps, Policy Roaming, and Finder.

What online dangers does this service protect my kids from?

Cyber-bullying, inappropriate websites and suspicious communication such as sex messages.

How can I activate this service?

Parent install “Family Protect App” from Playstore or dial *500*56#. Parent register, input activation key from SMS, sign up, and set child’s profile. Child install “Family Protect Child App” from playstore. Child input activation key from parent’s app. Child’s device has been connected to parent and child’s device has been protected by family protect.

for advance information about the FAQ please download this file

1. All VAS services (Value Added Service) are available for Kartu Halo subscribers, Simpati, Kartu As, and Loop

2. This service can only be activated in Indonesia

3. The scheme and the period of active subscription follow each of the confirmed services at the start of the purchase

4. For more details regarding Tariffs and Subscription Periods, contact Customer Service at 188

Family protect tutorial can be downloded here