Purchasing 11 Digit Starter Pack Purchase in MyGraPARI

  1. Prepare your Electronics ID Card (e-KTP), Family Card (KK), & Credit/Debit card that has been used PIN, not signature.
  2. Select menu "Telkomsel Customer Registration"
  3. Select menu "Purchase Starter Pack"
  4. Browse your favorite number from 4 up to 11 digits, buy Rp50.000 and it will automatically top-up Rp50.000
  5. Input your e-KTP and KK numbers to validate your data
  6. Put your e-KTP on scanner, then “Scan”
  7. Select payment method:
    1. Debit Card user: Insert Debit Card > Pull Out Debit Card > Input PIN > Push “Enter”
    2. Credit Card user: Insert Credit Card > Input PIN > Push “Enter”
  8. Experience your favorite starter pack