Monitor Tax Transaction Accurately and Transparently

Smart Tax Solution helps monitor all tax transactions at merchants accurately and transparently through a printing device and can be monitored by a comprehensive dashboard.


Online and Real-Time Sales Transaction Dashboard

You can monitor sales transactions at merchant outlets in real-time, anywhere and anytime through a comprehensive dashboard.


More Accurate Supervision

You can monitor tax transactions at each merchant outlet.

QR Code on the Printed Receipt

Make your sales transactions easier with a QR scan.

  • FAQ

What does Smart Tax Solution offer?

Smart Tax provides a printing hardware with an operating system connected to the government (Directorate General of Taxes)’s system via online, which can help government to monitor all transactions through Point of Sales (POS) apps at stores/merchants, get income reports, and the amount of tax that has to be paid by the store/merchant.

What are the benefits of Smart Tax Solution?

  • The government can directly monitor all transactions at stores/merchants.
  • The government can find out the amount of tax that has to be paid by the store/merchant.
  • The Smart Tax system is an open API, so it can be integrated with all of the existing Point of Sales system.
  • Increase the regional income.

What services will Smart Tax Solution customers get?

Smart Tax Solution includes a printer, interceptor, web-client, Point of Sales (POS) that will be installed/used at the merchant, and a dashboard that can be used by the government.

  • Interceptor/Tapping Box: The tapping box will be connected to the printer and Point of Sales. Every transaction through the POS will get through the tapping device before going through the printer.
  • Web-Client: Client Reader app is a console app to create an interface connected to the government’s monitoring system using web service and access the transaction data of the taxpayer system. Therefore, the taxpayer can send transaction data to the government.
    • Main features:
      • Access sales transaction data
      • Make transaction data file
      • Send transaction data file to the government’s system
    • Web service:
      • Receive transaction data file
  • Point of Sales will be given to customers who currently don’t have an existing system or app. POS is functioned at the cashier to record all transactions at the merchant. By using this app, the merchant/taxpayer can view the sales report and the government can monitor it.
  • A dashboard that will be used by the government, including dashboard interface, tax report from the merchant, and transaction history from the merchant.

How does Smart Tax service work?

  • The data from each transaction through POS, all receipts/invoices will be printed through the Smart Tax printer (devond printer).
  • When the devond printer prints the receipts/invoices, the system inside the printer will automatically record that transaction and save it to the cloud.
  • With the data inside the cloud, the government and the merchant owner can view the transactions through the dashboard.

What packages are offered by Smart Tax?

  • There are 2 packages offered:
    • Smart Tax Silver: The software and devices will be rented to the merchant. After the contract period ended, the devices shall be returned to Telkomsel.
    • Smart Tax Gold: The software and devices will be bought by the merchant. After the contract period ended, the devices will be owned by the merchant.