kickfest malang

Come and Join simPATI Kickfest XII Malang!

Enjoy the fun of simPATI Kickfest XII Malang with your favorite cool bands! Get special discounts for Telkomsel users and Happy Hour surprises, where you can shop with only Rp50,000!

Watch Your Favorite Musicians!

Seringai - Andra and The Backbone - Pee Wee Gaskins - Vira Talisa - Moustache and Beard - Brigade 07- Unda Undi - Coldiac - Tropical Forests - and many more.

kickfest malang

Record simPATI Kickfest XII, and Win Millions of Rupiah!

Show us that you really are a great videographer. Submit your video link now and get the chance to win millions of rupiah!

Program Information

There will be 5 finalists to win Rp3,000,000 and simPATI Kickfest XII in their respective cities. All finalists are obliged to document the whole event as cool as possible. The video should be sent to simPATI to be aired on Telkomsel’s Youtube channel.

Videos with the most likes during the voting period will get an additional prize in the form of TCASH credit!

  • First winner: Rp5,000,000.
  • Second winner: Rp4,000,000.
  • Third winner: Rp3,000,000.
  • Fourth winner: Rp2,000,000.
  • Fifth winner: Rp1,000,000.