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  • FAQ

What is ‘simPATI Combo’?

simPATI Combo is an exclusive data plan for simPATI customer which offers big amount of data quota with extra bonus, which can be used to stream high-quality video contents on HOOQ, VIU, and SuperSoccer.

Who can purchase ‘simPATI Combo’?

This plan can be bought by all of simPATI customers.

Type of planPriceTotal QuotaReguler Quota4G/MDS QuotaVideo QuotaChat QuotaCall/SMS Quota

Combo 6 GB60K IDR6 GB1 GB (0.5 GB nasional 0.5 GB lokal area)1 GB1 GB2 GB60mnt 100SMS

Combo 9 GB95K IDR9 GB2 GB (0.5 GB national 1.5 GB local area)3 GB2 GB2 GB100mnt 100SMS

Combo 14 GB155K IDR14 GB5 GB (1 GB national 4 GB local area)5 GB2 GB2 GB100mnt 200SMS

How to activate ‘simPATI Combo’?

Packages can be activated in the following manner via MyTelkomsel Application, as follows:

  1. Open the MyTelkomsel app
  2. Select "Select Package" menu
  3. Select the "Internet" menu
  4. Select the "Combo Packages" menu
  5. Select the desired combo package
  6. Select the "Buy" or "Subscribe" menu

In addition, customers can also activate this package via UMB * 363 # in the following way:

  1. Contact UMB *363#
  2. Select the desired combo package
  3. Choose "Subscribe" or "Once buy" menu

How are the detailed spesifications of ‘simPATI Combo’?

Following are detail specification for simPATI Combo packages :

Packages Price start from Total Quota Regular Quota 4G/MDS Quota Video Quota Chat Quota Nelp/SMS Quota
Combo 6 GB 55K IDR 6 GB 1 GB (0.5 GB nasional 0.5 GB lokal area) 1 GB 1 GB 2 GB 60mnt 100SMS
Combo 9 GB 81K IDR 9 GB 2 GB (0.5 GB nasional 1.5 GB lokal area) 3 GB 2 GB 2 GB 100mnt 100SMS
Combo 14 GB 130K IDR 14 GB 5 GB (1 GB nasional 4 GB lokal area) 5 GB 2 GB 2 GB 100mnt 200SMS

What is ‘Regular Quota’?

Regular quota is a data quota that can be used to access any content at anytime.

What is ‘National Quota’?

National quota is a data quota that can be used to access any content at anytime, from all over Indonesia.

What is ‘Local Quota’?

Local quota is a data quota that can be used to access any content anyime, but only applies on spesific area (depends on where you activated the plan). For instance, if the customers activated the plan on Area 1, then they can only use the data quota on locations that listed on Area 1.

Here are the details of Telkomsel’s area determination:

-           Area 1: Sumatra

-           Area 2: Greater Jakarta & West Java

-           Area 3: Central Java, East Java, Bali, & Nusa Tenggara

-           Area 4: Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku, & Papua

What is ‘4G/MDS Quota’?

4G/MDS quota is a data quota that can be used if the customers use a 4G supported phone which equipped with an USIM card, they also must be in a location that covered by Telkomsel’s 4G network. Otherwise, the data quota can only be used on midnight (00:00 - 07:00 (local area)).

What is ‘Video/MAXstream Quota’?

Video/MAXstream quota is a data quota that can only be used to access HOOQ, VIU, and SuperSoccer.

What is ‘Chat Quota’?

Chat Quota is a quota that can be used to access the Whatsapp, Line, and BBM apps.

How if the customers are on a trip, which make them move to another city? Are they still can use the data quota?

If the city is still on the same area, then they still can use the quota data. Otherwise, they can’t use the quota data anymore, unless they still have a remaining national quota.

How to deactivate ‘simPATI Combo’ before it reaches its validity period?

The customers can deactive the plan by dialling *363#, then choose Unsubscribe.

How to check the remaining quota?

The customers can check the remaining quota by dialling *363#, then choose Check Status.