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aruna dan lidahnya

Get Exclusive Content and Meet Aruna by Joining Secret Recipe with Aruna

Want to hang out with Aruna? Subscribe to enjoy Aruna dan Lidahnya exclusive content service, join #ArunaWithsimPATI photo competition and win an access to Meet, Greet & Eat event with Aruna!

About Aruna dan Lidahnya

Aruna dan Lidahnya tells a story about Aruna (Dian Sastrowardoyo) and her two best friends, Bono (Nicholas Saputra) and Nad (Hannah Al Rashid) who started a culinary adventure. During their journey, they have an unexpected encounter with someone from Aruna’s past, Farish (Oka Antara). While enjoying various Indonesian cuisine, they are involved in deep conversations where hidden secrets begin to be revealed.

How to Subscribe


Call *500*36# to get interesting contents about behind the scene of Aruna dan Lidahnya.


Type REG(space)ARUNA and send to 99359 via SMS.

  • FAQ

What is Secret Recipe with Aruna?

It is a content service program where you can subscribe to receive exclusive behind the scene contents of Aruna dan Lidahnya via SMS such as the casts’ activity during the filming in the format of photo or video. You can also win an access to a Meet, Greet & Eat event with Aruna for 5 winners.

How is the mechanism of Secret Recipe with Aruna?

  1. After successfully subscribed, you have the chance to join Meet, Greet & Eat with Aruna for 5 winners as well as pocket money and accommodation for winners from outside Jabodetabek.
  2. The winners will be directly chosen by Aruna. The decision is final and cannot be changed.
  3. The program is valid from September 5th, 2018 to January 5th, 2019.
  4. The winner selection will be held on January 10th,
  5. The winner announcement will be held on January 14th, 2019 via instagram @QuizyId. The winners will be contacted by PT Trinity Creative Technology.
  6. The winners are participants who have been through the judging process and deemed qualified.
  7. The prize cannot be transferred and cashed.

What are the terms to win Secret Recipe with Aruna prize?

The terms are as follow:

  1. You have to be registered in Aruna dan Lidahnya content service subscription by dialing *500*36# (Rp2,200/2days – 1SMS/2days, for 120 days).
  2. You have to be active until the end of the program period.
  3. After successfully subscribed, you can participate in the photo competition:
  • Upload your photo with the specialty food from your region to your Instagram. Write a the following caption: “Ikuti Layanan Konten Film Aruna dan Lidahnya (for Telkomsel users)”. DIal *500*36# (Telkomsel users).
  • Use hashtag #ArunaWithsimPATI and tag @simPATI and @QuizyId.
  • Mention 5
  • Get at least 20 likes.
  1. After uploading your photo to your Instagram, send your personal information (name, Instagram account, phone number, the city you live in, and age) via Direct Message.
  2. Follow @simPATI and @QuizyId.

When is the validity period of Recipe with Aruna program?

This program is valid from September 5th, 2018 to January 5th, 2019.

When are the Recipe with Aruna winner determination and announcement?

The winner determination will be held on January 10th, 2019 at IG @QuizyId and will be announced on January 14th, 2019 at IG @QuizyId.

How many winners will be chosen in Secret Recipe with Aruna program?

5 winners will be chosen.

When will the winners get the prize?

The prize will be presented on January or February, 2019.

What prizes are available for Secret Recipe with Aruna winners?

The winners will get an access to Meet, Greet & Eat with Aruna, pocket money and accommodation for winners from outside Jabodetabek

Can the prize be transferred or cashed?

No, the prize cannot be transferred or cashed.

What are the tariff to enjoy Secret Recipe with Aruna content service?

Keyword List Tariff Remarks
REG ARUNA Rp0 New subscription.
- Rp2,200/2 days, 1SMS/2 days, for 120 days Charging and Push Content on the D-day, 3rd day, 5th day, 9th day until 119th day.
- Rp0 Notification SMS, 4-monthly reminder.
UNREG ARUNA Rp0 Unsubscribe from the program.

How do I get further information about Secret Recipe with Aruna?

You can call Customer Service at 021-29533307.