RoaMAX Dubai Expo 2020

Special RoaMAX offers in Dubai Expo

Capture the excitement of Dubai Expo 2020 and the charm of the United Arab Emirates with the RoaMAX Package. Enjoy high quality roaming internet, phone and SMS services. Get a special promo of free 500MB quota or up to Rp350,000 Tokopedia voucher.

Promo is valid from December 2, 2021 - March 31, 2022. Don’t miss it!

Telkomsel PraBayar

Telkomsel Halo

Get Tokopedia voucher benefit!

Voucher Details

Get up to Rp350,000 voucher for shopping on Tokopedia with the following details.

Product Benefit Minimum Transaction
Credit, Data Package, Postpaid Bills 7% up to Rp75,000 Rp25,000
Flight 2% up to Rp150,000 Rp750,000
Train 2% up to Rp50,000 Rp200,000
Food & Voucher 5% up to Rp50,000 -
Hotel 3% up to Rp350,000 Rp300,000
Credit Installment 3% up to Rp75,000 Rp500,000
Credit Card Bills 3% up to Rp75,000 Rp750,000
Insurance 2% up to Rp50,000 Rp250,000
How to use the voucher
  1. Get your voucher code via SMS from 777 after purchasing RoaMAX UAE Package.
  2. Enter the Tokopedia app and select the “Top-Up & Billing” category or click the “Use now” button on this page.
  3. Choose your preferred digital product.
  4. Continue to the payment page, click "Use Tokopedia Promo".
  5. Enter your voucher code and click “Use”.
  6. The voucher code was successfully used.

Additional Information