Transfer pulsa

Send Credit to Your Friend and Get Closer to Your Dream Gift

For simPATI, Kartu As & LOOP, you can transfer credit to your friends or relatives while the chance to win cool prizes

How to Transfer Pulsa using UMB


use *858#

Type *858*Nomor Tujuan*10# then press OK/YES


You'll Get SMS Notification

You'll Get SMS Notification SMS  about you have succeded sending credit to destination number


Kupon Notification

You'll get second notification about promo program of Transfer Pulsa. Collect the coupon and always do transactions of transfer pulsa to get chance winning the prizes

Cara Praktis Transfer Pulsa dengan SMS



Type TPULSA (spasi) Nominal transfer credit and send to your destination number


Get SMS Notification

You'll get SMS notification if you succeded sending the credit

Anda akan mendapatkan SMS notifikasi jika anda berhasil melakukan transfer pulsa


Get Coupons After Activation

You'll get coupon after succesffuly transfer your credit. Collect the coupon and get chance of winning your dream prize!

  • FAQ

What is a Transfer Pulsa service?

Transfer Pulsa is a service to send credit to fellow customers with simPATI, Kartu As, and LOOP numbers

What are the terms and conditions of Transfer Pulsa service?
  1. The transferred credit may be between Rp 5,000 to Rp 1,000,000 per transaction
  2. Transfer fee will be charged transfer transactions Maximum nominal transferred per day is Rp. 1,000,000
  3. The nominal maximum that can be received by the recipient's number per day is Rp.1.000.000
  4. Maximum transactions per day are 10 transactions.
  5. Maximum transactions to the same number per day are 3 transactions
  6. The sender of the credit must be in active period while the receiver credit can be in the grace period
  7. Each credit transfer transaction does not change the active period of the recipient.
  8. If the recipient of the credit is in the grace period, then the credit transfer also will only be used after the recipient to refill nominal transferred will not be counted as usage by sender, but the credit transfer fee will be calculated as the usage by the sender
  9. The rest of the pulse after making the transfer pulse is as follows:
    • simPATI - Rp. 5000
    • LOOP - Rp. 5000
    • KartuAs - Rp. 5000
How much does it cost to Transfer Pulsa ?

The fee for a credit transfer transaction for all nominal is Rp 1,500 / Transaction

How to Transfer Pulsa ?

Through UMB

  • Via UMB * 858 #, Select menu number 1. Transfer Pulse then Fill in the destination number of credit transfer

Through direct code

  • Check * 858 * nominal destination * nominaltransfer #. Example * 858 * 08125678909 * 10000 #

Through SMS

  • Send SMS with format:
  • Type: TPULSA (space) nominal transfer send to Destination number
What is a Transfer Pulsa program for gift sharing?

A credit transfer service within the program period that rewards customers with a coupon coupe coupon mechanism. Each successful transaction of credit transfers cuts the customer's credit then the customer is entitled to 1 coupon and minimum 3 Coupons to be drawn at the end of the program.

How does the customer check the coupons of Transfer Pulsa ?

Customers can check the lottery coupon via * 858 # then choose menu number 6. Check Coupon.

What are the conditions for winning a promo prize from Transfer Pulsa ?

Winners are determined by drawing with KEMENSOS NOMOR: 1075/DYS-PSDBS.PI.01.01/10/2017. The more frequent the credit transfer transaction is, the more likely it is to win the prize.

When did the Transfer Pulsa program start ?

This program runs from 13 November 2017 to 13 February 2018

When is Transfer Pulsa Draft Date?

The date of the toll transfer draws on Februari 20, 2018, 14:00.

What are the winners get of Transfer Pulsa ?

Winners will get prizes in the form of:

  • 1 Unit Yamaha NMAX
  • 3 samsung galaxy S8
  • 6 camera mirrorless Fujifilm
  • 20 winners of 500,000 TCASH Credit voucher
What if the customer wants to know more about this Transfer Pulsa program?

Customers can contact the customer service costumer in 188