Share Kindness and Win Umrah Package from Muslim Plus

Subscribe to Muslim Plus and join "Sharing Goodness Through Digital" photo sharing via social media to win Umrah package, cash, and Telkomsel balance vouchers.

Get the Prizes

Grand Prize

1 Umroh Package + Cash Rp5,000,000 (2 tickets for 1 winner). Grand prize winners are based on a judging process by Muslim Plus and Telkomsel team.

Favorite Winners
  1. 1st Favorite: Rp300,000 Balance Voucher (3 winners each).
  2. 2nd Favorite: Rp250,000 Balance Voucher (2 winners each).
  3. 3rd Favorite: Rp200,000 Balance Voucher (1 winner each).

favorite winners are based on a judging process by Muslim Plus and Telkomsel team.

Weekly Prizes

Rp100,000 Balance Voucher (3 winners per week).

How to Join

Activate Muslim Plus Service

Dial *500*99# to activate Muslim Plus.

Upload Inspiring Photo

Upload a photo of someone who spreads kindness in their daily life and upload it to Instagram/Facebook account by adding #BerbagiUmroh and #MuslimPlusTelkomsel Mention @Muslimplus_Telkomsel.

Example: A picture of a person who helps someone crossing the road, giving charity, sharing foods with homeless kid, etc.

Write Interesting Caption

The photo caption can be a description of the good deed, expressions of pride or admiration for the figure in the photo.

Example: "Be thankful for what we got today. Not everyone is as lucky as us. But whatever happens today, it happens with good intentions. Be kind, so we will receive kindness.”

  • FAQ

What is Muslim Plus Berbagi Umroh?

Muslim Plus Berbagi Umroh is an event held for all Telkomsel users who are subscribed to Muslim Plus where participants must upload photos with the theme "Sharing Goodness Through Digital" and upload the photos to their respective Instagram accounts by adding an inspiring caption.

When is the program period of Muslim Plus Berbagi Umroh?

The program is valid on October 15th, 2018 until January 31st, 2019.

Is Muslim Plus Berbagi Umroh program valid for all Telkomsel users?

Yes, Muslim Plus Berbagi Umroh is valid for all Telkomsel users.

When is the process of determining Muslim Plus Berbagi Umroh winners?

  • Weekly winners will be announced every week.
  • Grand prize and favorite winners will be announced at the end of the program.

Where will Muslim Plus Berbagi Umroh winners be announced?

The winners list can be seen on:

Instagram: @muslimplus_telkomsel.

Facebook: Muslim Plus Telkomsel.

What is the Muslim Plus subscription fee?

Price Period
Postpaid Prepaid
500/days 550/days 90 days

*MO Tariff Rp0

Where do I get further information about Muslim Plus Berbagi Umroh?

Please contact Telkomsel Customer Service at 188.