Telkomsel Jaga Bumi


Save our earth with Telkomsel Poin

Redeem your Telkomsel Poin into tree donations for a reforestation program to reduce carbon footprint and save our earth.

About Telkomsel Jaga Bumi

Telkomsel Jaga Bumi is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program as a form of Telkomsel's commitment to continue to run sustainable business processes by utilizing all leading technology assets and digital ecosystems for environmental sustainability. This initiative is a manifestation of Telkomsel's commitment to implementing sustainable principles that include Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) in each of the company's business processes, as well as supporting the Indonesian government's sustainable development program which is one of the main discussions at the G20 forum.


The Telkomsel Jaga Bumi program has several sub-programs, such as Waste Management in Collaboration with PlusTik, Tahura Ngurah Rai Digitalization Support, and Carbon Offset in Collaboration with Jejak In. Carbon Offset in Collaboration with Jejak In is a program that invites Telkomsel customers to balance climate impacts and compensate for the emissions they produce by reducing CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). This effort to reduce the amount of CO2 is realized through reforestation by planting thousands of trees.

Start donating now!

Telkomsel x Jejak In

Jejak In is an environmental service company engaged in tree planting (reforestation) with the tagline Accelerate Climate Actions with our Technology! Together let's keep #SavingOurTomorrow. Initially, customers will get information about the Carbon Footprint that is generated every day through Telkomsel website and MyTelkomsel App. Then, customers can contribute to reducing CO2 by exchanging their Telkomsel Poin for tree donations.

How to donate
  1. Go to Jaga Bumi website or MyTelkomsel App to calculate carbon footprint you produce daily.
  2. Redeem your Telkomsel Poin with these options:
    • Redeem 50 Poin (equivalent to 0.11 tree/3.29kg CO2), or
    • 500 Poin (equivalent to 1.12 trees/32.95kg CO2)
  3. After redeeming your Poin, you will receive an SMS notification containing a link to get a report on your donation progress for the reforestation.
  4. You will periodically receive a monitoring report if your donation tree has been planted.

Additional Information