GoFood Voucher Promo

Special for selected customer who buy certain OMG! packages, you can get GoFood voucher worth Rp5,000 while the stocks last.


Get the promo!

OMG! packages
OMG! packages

Activate the OMG! package below to get a GoFood voucher:

  • 5GB + 2.5GB + 2GB OMG!
  • 8GB + 4GB + 2GB OMG!
  • 12GB + 6GB + 2GB OMG!
  • 15GB + 8GB + 2GB OMG!
  • 25GB + 13GB + 2GB OMG!
  • 30GB + 15GB + 2GB OMG!
  • 50GB + 25GB + 2GB OMG!
How to redeem unique code
How to redeem unique code
  1. Login to the Gojek application.
  2. Click “Profile”.
  3. Click "Enter promo code" then click "Verify your code".
  4. Then input the unique code received from SMS 777.
  5. Vouchers will be received on the "Promo" section -> “Vouchers”.
  6. After the voucher is received on "Promo", the validity period of the voucher is a maximum of 14 days. After 14 days, the voucher will be expired.
  7. Vouchers can be used at all GoFood merchants.
How to use GoFood voucher
How to use GoFood voucher
  1. After redeeming the unique code on Gojek application, go to the “Promo” section at the upper left, and then go to “Vouchers”.
  2. Select the voucher that will be used.
  3. Press “Use”, then you will be connected to the restaurant page on GoFood.
  4. Select the menu you want.
  5. Enter the details of the delivery location.
  6. The delivery fee for your purchase will automatically be deducted according to the voucher nominal.

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