Ilmupedia Game Prize

Join Ilmupedia game competition and win the prize!

Get the chance to win LinkAja balance, YouTube voucher, and Cakap voucher by playing and top-scoring “Balap Sarung” mini game on Ilmupedia platform, special Ramadan edition.

All about the program

Prize Details
Prize Details
  1. LinkAja Balance
    • Weekly Winners: Rp50,000 each for 80 winners.
    • General Champions: Rp1,000,000 each for 3 winners with the highest scores and full participation from the beginning to the end of program period.
  1. All winners will get Cakap English Club and English Placement Test vouchers for free, which will be sent via SMS to their Telkomsel number. Cakap English Club vouchers can be redeemed here and the English Placement Test can be redeemed here. Please check the terms and conditions here.
  2. All winners will also get a YouTube Premium voucher which will be sent via SMS to their Telkomsel number and can be redeemed here.
Winner Determination
Winner Determination
  1. The winners will be determined based on the scores which will be updated periodically on the game Leaderboard.
  2. Winners are the 20 players with the most points every week and the 3 top players with the highest scores at the end of the program period. The winners are entitled to a LinkAja balance prize based on their points, which will be sent 14 business days after the game period ends.
  3. The point/score calculation schedule is as follows:
    • First Weekly Winners : April 6 – 12, 2022
    • Second Weekly Winners : April 13 – 19, 2022
    • Third Weekly Winners : April 20 – 26, 2022
    • Fourth Weekly Winners : April 27 – May 3, 2022
    • General Champions : April 6 – May 8, 2022

Leaderboard will be updated every Thursday each week until the end of the program period.

Additional Information