SMS Banking


Increase SMS Banking transactions from your Telkomsel phone number and get lucky draw coupon to win grandprize holiday package to Thailand.



Preparation for joing the program

Telkomsel customer (KartuHALO, simPATI, Kartu AS, & LOOP) can use the SMS/USSD Service of Telkomsel Banking, for customer who doesnt have activating the SMS Banking services can activate the SMS in bank office


Do Transactions

Do transaction using SMS Banking or USSD Banking in *141# (available for SMS Banking & USSD Banking for any bank)


Receive Notification

Customer will get SMS Notification from Telkomsel after you doing Transactions :

No Undian PESTA HADIAH SMS BANKING TELKOMSEL Anda  xxxxx. Menangkan Wisata ke Thailand,spd Motor,Speaker Harman Kardon,dll!SKB.Info

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Program Information

  • Winners Announcement

  • Subscribers / Active Users SMS / USSD service * 141 #
  • Not applicable for M-BANKING transactions using broadband (data package)
  • Not applicable for Mobile Banking Transactions from STK and DSTK (for BCA and Mandiri)


Honda Vario 125 eSP CBS ISS for 4 winners

Harman Kardon Go Speaker Play with Mini Bluetooth for 4 winners

Telkomsel Airtime @200 ribu for 40 winners


Holiday Package to Thailand

Holiday prize are valid for 1 (one) person only, it include:

  1. Roundtrip airplane ticket from Jakarta to Tourist Destination.
  2. Hotel Acommodation.
  3. Tour package at the tourim destination.
  4. Roundtrip cost from the winner’s home city to Jakarta is the responsibility of Telkomsel.
  5. All tour packages & Acommodation is determined by the committee.
  6. Reward tax is borne by Telkomsel.


  • Monthly reward decisions are made using the lucky draw mechanism (explained further).
  • The grand prize decisions are made using the lucky draw mechanism (explained further).
  • Winner is an individual who can be proven by the active SIM card ownership.
  • The organizer has the right to disqualify any participant who does not meet and or suspected of committing a fraud to this provision.
  • Any decision on the winner selection is purely the policy of the organizer and shall be inviolable.



  • Winners are drawn on the basis of the number of coupon they get during the program, it conducted in accordance with the drawing mechanism after the end of the program period. 3 draws.
  • The Monthly Prize draw is performed for users who make at least 20 times transactions in the program each month.

    The winner gets a chance to win 1 (one) time every draw period. In the next period, everyone will have the chance to win again, according to the drawing mechanism and according to the number of coupon numbers in the period they are join.

    Monthly reward scheme through lucky draw mechanisms are done in area scope, where there will be 4 area.

  • There will be a total of 12 lucky draw winners for each monthly period per area with the following details:
    • Honda Vario 125 motor eSP CBS ISS 1 winner Per Area
    • Speaker Harman Kardon Go with Play Mini Bluetooth 1 winner Per Area
    • Telkomsel Airtime @ 200 ribu for 10 winners per Area


Total Prize provided monthly is:

Honda Vario 125 eSP CBS ISS for 4 winners

Harman Kardon Go Speaker Play with Mini Bluetooth for 4 winners

Pulsa Telkomsel @ 200 thousand for 40 winners



  • The Grand Prize draw is performed for users who make at least 60 times transactions in the program period (3 months). Winners who have won the Grand Prize can not win back the Grand Prize (Holiday Package to Thailand for 13 winners)
  • Scheme to determine the Grand Prize Winner is performed by lucky draw in Regional scope, where there will be 13 Regional. 1 Winners from each Regional.

Terms & Conditions for Grand Prize Provision

  • All prizes are non-transferable.
  • All prizes can not be replaced with cash.
  • Cancellation of the prize shall be accompanied by confirmation to Telkomsel, and the prize shall be deemed forfeited.
  • Telkomsel's mobile phone number owned by the winner must in active status.



This program is divided into 3 Monthly Periods:

Monthly Period Start End
1st Period 1 December 2017 31 December 2017
2nd Period 1 January 2018 31 January 2018
3rd Period 1 February 2018 28 February 2018


  • Winners will be announced through the Telkomsel website, as well as SMS notification will be sent to the winners.
  • If the notification SMS of the winner is not sent due to interference on the customer's Mobile, Telkomsel will not resend the Winner Notification SMS.
  • Telkomsel Officers will confirm by phone to the winner to validate and confirm the delivery of the prize.


  • Goods rewards can be taken at the nearest Telkomsel GraPARI
  • Telkomsel airtime rewards will be filled directly on Telkomsel’s winners mobile phone number
  • Postpaid vouchers (kartuHALO) will be sent as subsidies payment
  • Tour Winners will be dispatched in April-May 2018.
  • If the rewards not taken by the winner, it will be distributed in accordance with Social Service provisions.