Have a Treat in Telkomsel 26th Anniversary!

Celebrate Telkomsel 26th anniversary with Telkomsel POIN. Redeem your POIN and enjoy special treats such as discount, flash sale, and many more.

Periode Program

  • Telkomsel Anniversary POIN is valid from May 25th to June 11th, 2021.

Our Special Treats

No. Program Channel POIN Period
1 Telkomsel POIN Giveaway Instagram @telkomsel and @telkomselpoin 1 May 26th - June 11th
2 Flash Sale with 26 and 1 POIN MyTelkomsel App 26 and 1 May 26th – 29th
3 5G Smartphone Discount Selected GraPARI 260 May 27th - June 11th
4 Undi-Undi Hepi Special 5G Smartphone MyTelkomsel App 1 May 27th - June 11th
5 2.6GB Extra Quota MyTelkomsel App 1 May 29th - June 11th
  • FAQ

What is Telkomsel Anniversary POIN program?

It is a series of special programs from Telkomsel POIN to celebrate Telkomsel's 26th anniversary, such as giveaway and discount program.

Where do I join Telkomsel POIN Giveaway?

You can join the giveaway on @telkomsel and @telkomselpoin live Instagram every day. Redeem 1 Telkomsel POIN on MyTelkomsel App to get the unique code that can be used to comment on @telkomsel Instagram to win a prize.

What prize can I get from the giveaway program?

You can win credit balance worth Rp100,000 and Rp250,000 every day for 26 winners. You will also get the chance to win iPhone 12 for 2 winners and LinkAja balance worth a total of Rp1,000,000 for 6 winners.

Where do I get the 5G smartphone discount offer?

You can redeem 260 Telkomsel POIN to get the 5G smartphone discount at the following GraPARI:


1 GraPARI Surabaya Pemuda
2 GraPARI Batam Center
3 GraPARI Solo
4 GraPARI Balikpapan Sudirman
5 GraPARI Renon
6 GraPARI Telkom Group Medan
7 GraPARI Makassar

Who can join Undi-Undi Hepi Special 5G Smartphone?

All customers who have a minimum of 1 Telkomsel POIN can join this program.

When will the Undi-Undi Hepi Special 5G Smartphone lucky draw be held?

The lucky draw will be held online on June 14th, 2021 with the presence of the Notary, Social Service, Ministry of Social Affairs, and related Telkomsel Officials.

Is there any additional fee to get the Extra Quota package of 2.6GB?

Yes, you will be charged Rp10 for activating Extra Quota package of 2.6GB.