Promo seharian

All Day Internet Package 1GB Rp10,000

Telkomsel Friends, now you can buy Internet package only Rp10,000 for 1GB quota. Activate your package and find more information.

Buying Package in MyTelkomsel App

Download MyTelkomsel App

If you haven't downloaded MyTelkomsel App, you can download it for Android and iOS here.

Login to App and Choose "Browse Package"

Find menu browse package and choose All day Internet or click here to find out more.

Activate Package

Activate your 1GB package and enjoy the fastest Internet from Telkomsel.

  • FAQ

1. What is “Paket Internet Harian”?

Paket internet harian is a promo package 1GB/1 day for IDR 10,000 that can be purchased on MyTelkomsel.

2. When will this promo period apply?

Promo is valid on October 31st – December 31st, 2017

3. Is there any term and condition applied for this promo?

Price  : IDR 10,000 (nation-wide)

Quota  : 1 GB (all network)

Validity  : Starting from purchased time until 23:59 on the same day

Purchase channel : Only MyTelkomsel

Valid for  : All prepaid customer (simPATI, kartuAS, Loop)

4. How to buy “Paket Internet Harian”?

  1. Download or access MyTelkomsel through
  2. Login using your prepaid number
  3. Select menu “Buy Package”, then “Internet”, then “Internet Harian”
  4. Select “Buy”

5. Can I buy Paket Internet Harian if I had purchased data package?

Yes, you can.

6. If I had purchased data package, then purchase Paket Internet Harian, which package will be consumed first?

Paket internet harian will be consumed first if customer purchased regular data package, but paket internet harian will be consumed later after consuming DPI package quota / 4G / midnight / local quota.