Smart Dashboard

One dashboard to control all systems

Manage and monitor all your industrial park systems on a single customizable dashboard with API capabilities.

Telkomsel Smart Dashboard - A Smart solution to manage and monitor Your business


GIS support

GIS support

Track and manage your inventory movement across lifecycle.

northbound interface

Northbound Interface

Easy platform integration through API with enterprise database, backend support, and internal company applications.

tabular report

Tabular report

Use data to improve your processes and business performance.

graphical report

Graphical report

Monitor business performance and gain insights through graphical data.

alerting system

Alerting system

Faster and better preventive action and resolution for each issue.


Dashboard system

One single dashboard to monitor all company systems.



  • Single customizable dashboard with open API capabilities to integrate with existing applications
  • Real-time monitoring and control of all company applications on single platform
  • Easier and faster report analysis to make decisions
  • Increased productivity
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What features will I get from Smart Dashboard?

  • Geographic Information System (GIS) support
  • Tabular report
  • Alerting system
  • Northbound Interface
  • Graphic report
  • Dashboard system
  • Open API enable (integration with existing system)

What can I get by subscribing to Smart Dashboard?

This is a bundling solution which includes:

  • Customized Dashboard to monitor the company’s system
  • Secure data service to access internal application
  • Mobile apps (certain packages)

Should the company provide its own server?

The company can choose to use their own server or the cloud-based server that’s provided by Telkomsel partner.

Should the company provide its own internal application?

Yes. Telkomsel only provide the dashboard while the internal application is provided by the company. But if you need to build the internal application from scratch, Telkomsel can help you develop it.

What is the payment mechanism when subscribing to Smart Dashboard?

You can receive the bill monthly (OPEX) or one time (CAPEX), depending on your corporate needs.

Are there any limitations for the internal application that can be monitored from Smart Dashboard?

No. The company can adjust the layout and determine which internal application need to be integrated.

How can I subscribe to Smart Dashboard?

If you are an existing Telkomsel corporate user, you can contact your Telkomsel Account Manager. If you are a new corporate user, then you can contact our call center at 188 or through the Contact us menu option.

  • Minimum contract is 1 year.
  • If the user stops subscription in the middle of the contract, a penalty will be charged.
  • This solution can be on premise or hosted in the cloud.
  • The company is free to decide which internal applications will be integrated with the dashboard.
  • Internal corporate applications have open API capability.