Fleet Management


Control your moving assets ​​​​​​

An intelligent solution that helps your company gain full control of your fleet of vehicles and maintenance efficiency while reducing operational expenses to achieve your business goals.



Start of operation

Determine the start time of your fleet’s operation.



Determine the maximum speed your vehicles are allowed to travel.



Map the routes your vehicles must follow.


Geofence control

Delimit the map zones that your vehicles may circulate in.


Customization and integration

Receive customized reports and integrate with your internal systems using API.

out of hours

Out-of-hours traffic

Determine the times and days of the week allowed for your vehicles to travel.

points of interest

Points of interest

Set up places of interest on the map, such as clients, filling stations, residences, branches and more.


Increase productivity

  • Visit more customers in lesser time
  • Manage fleet size based on your needs
  • Serve your customers more efficiently
iot fleet management

Reduce costs and environmental impact

  • Reduce unnecessary mileage
  • Reduce costs related to fuel consumption, oil change and maintenance
  • Reduce C02 emissions
iot fleet management

Security and safety


  • Reduce accidents for your fleet
  • Provide driver support through remote monitoring


iot fleet management

Data integration

Integrate your company’s data sources with the FleetSight platform to receive real-time updates.

iot fleet management