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Unified Communication

Do it all in one place

Unified Communication integrates all your communication tools to optimize your business processes and increase productivity.

Telkomsel myBusiness with Rhenald Kasali - Collaboration Solution with Telkomsel Unified Communication




Stay connected with instant messaging and group chat.

call and confrence

Call & conference

Work efficiently across locations through voice calls, video calls and conference calls.


Support and more

Make use of other features such as corporate email synchronization, open API for alerts and single sign on.



Increase productivity by empowering employees to collaborate with desktop sharing, file sharing and virtual whiteboards.


Meet now and move forward

Plan meetings easily and make decisions faster while staying connected with your teams.

Meet now and move forward

One tap makes the call

Connect from various devices and share conversations or files directly with your teams in the same place.

One tap makes the call

All you need, in your hand

Work with your teams and partners with ease as all your business tools are integrated into one application.

All you need, in your hand

Easy to use with no investment

No need for investment, or an expert in the company to use this platform.

Easy to use with no investment

Hear from the experts

For a company to remain a market leader in this digital era, adoption of information and communication technology is crucial. Unified Communication solution from Telkomsel addresses these specific business needs and most certainly boosts business productivity.

Arief Pradetya, Vice President Enterprise Mobile Product Marketing

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What is Unified Communication?

Unified Communication is a an application based solution that integrates IP based technology (Internet Protocol) that is designed to integrate various communication, from messaging (chat, group, and collaboration), voice call and video conference. During the video conference, user can also share content and their desktop to support you when you’re doing presentation.

What is the difference between the basic and premium packages?

The differences between the basic and premium packages are:

Unified Communication Service Basic Premium
Business class messaging
Video calling with screen sharing
Host 25-parties meeting and Host WebEx meeting with screen sharing
Scheduled meeting
Telkomsel Service Basic Premium
Data All Network (untuk akses aplikasi Unified Communication) 2GB 4GB

The basic account on Cisco Spark application can only make video calls for a maximum of 3 participants maximum while the premium account can accommodate a maximum of 25 participants.Cisco Spark account (Unified Communication app) can also access and schedule meetings via WebEX.

If the special data quota for Unified Communication application has been used up can I still use the Unified Communication feature?

You can keep enjoy the Unified Communication service, if you have other data package such as Telkomsel Flash or data package add-on CUG.

If you don’t have any other data package, then you have to purchase turbo.

How do I subscribe to Unified Communication?

If you are an existing corporate customer, you can contact your Telkomsel Account Manager.

If you are a new Telkomsel Corporate customer, please contact our call center by dialing 188.

Are there any special terms for subscribing to the Unified Communication solution?

The minimum contract period for this service is 12 months and can be extended every year for the same amount of time.

What would happen if I stop my subscription before the contract period is over?

If you unsubscribe Unified Communication service before end of contract period then you will get penalty for the remaining months multiplied the service’s price.

What if I wanted to add a number of licenses during the contract period, would I have to follow the same contract?

No, if you want to add a number of Telkomsel Unified Communication’s licenses during the contract or outside the first contract, then you can enter a new contract for a minimum of 12 months period.

Can the Unified Communication package be used with a prepaid service?

At the moment, the Telkomsel Unified Communication service can only be enjoyed by our postpaid customers.

Will the Unified Communication service bill be billed to the pilot number?

At the moment, the service can only be billed to each MSISDN.

If I unsubscribe in the middle of my billing cycle period, will I be fully charged for one month or on a prorated basis?

The charging scheme that is used by Telkomsel Unified Communication is not prorated.

Should the company or the employee pay for the Unified Communication service?

The charging scheme depends on what the company requires, the bill can be paid by the company or the employee. If your employees will be paying, then please add the names of the employees with the licenses to the services contract.

How do I increase or decrease the number of users of the Unified Communication service?

Your corporate PIC can contact your Telkomsel Account Manager to add or remove employees from the Telkomsel Unified Communication service.

If an employee with a license to the Unified Communication service leaves, resigns or is no longer with the company, can the service be forwarded or transferred to a new employee?

Unfortunately, the license cannot be transferred to another employee.

  • The data provided is a special data quota for the Unified Communication solution (DPI) which is 2GB for basic user and 4GB for premium user.
  • Telkomsel Unified Communication service at the moment can only be used by postpaid customer.
  • The bill for Telkomsel Unified Communication service will be charged to each of the MSISDN number (not to the pilot number).
  • Charging scheme used for Telkomsel Unified Communication is not prorated.
  • Minimum contract duration is 12 months.
  • If the customer quits the subscription before it ends, then the customer will get a penalty for the remaining contract month multiplied by the price of the service.
  • If the customer wants to add the number of Telkomsel Unified Communication license number in the middle of the contract/outside the previous contract, then they have to sign a new contract and license with a minimum subscription period of 12 months.