Mobile Security

Securely Access Corporate Data and Apps from Home #DirumahTerusAman

Get a security guarantee to access your corporate’s apps, browser, and content data using various devices from home or anywhere.

Accessing company's app and data will be much safer using Mobile Security from #TelkomselmyBusiness!



Mobile Device Management

Companies can easily determine the policy on the device, certain applications that run on the device, notifications based on a certain time, also the Wi-Fi SSID that can be connected.


Mobile Application Management

Telkomsel Mobile Security allows companies to:

  • Remote application installation, native apps, web apps, mobile apps.
  • Establish internal application connections and public apps to corporate intranet connections using a tunnel.
  • Make a whitelist of a domain using a secure browser.

Mobile Email Management

Make it easy for employees to send, forward, and reply via a single UI safely with a special connection.


Identity & User Access Management

Make it easy for companies to control and access management with the Single Sign On feature integrated with the company's user directory.


Supported by Global Security Principals

In providing this service, Telkomsel has collaborated with global security partners, such as Samsung, BlackBerry, Vanguard, WizyEMM, Erafone, and Malifax.


One Stop Solutions

You will get total solutions, such as: mobile device management (MDM), data connectivity, devices and managed services.

Single Billing and Flexible Payment

Bill can be combined with other Telkomsel payment on your kartuHalo. Apart from that, you can also choose payment schemes flexibly (monthly or quarterly).


Services are Available Throughout Indonesia

You can enjoy mobile security services from Telkomsel throughout Indonesia.

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What is #DiRumahTerusAman?

It is a Telkomsel program to support people who work from home, where we offer Mobile Security free 1-month service for Telkomsel’s enterprise customers.

What is Telkomsel Mobile Security?

Mobile Security is a solution for mobile device management and security with a configuration policy that has been set by your corporate. This solution also supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Corporate Own Device programs, also increase the employees’ productivity without violating the corporate’s IT policy.

What are the main features of Telkomsel Mobile Security?

  1. Mobile Application Management
    It enables your corporate to:
    • Install apps remotely such as a native app, web app, and mobile app.
    • Make app whitelist and blacklist.
    • Create a special Playstore for your corporate so the employees can download it directly.
    • Make push applications remotely.
  2. Mobile Browser Management
    A feature to create tunnel connection, connected to your corporate’s data center using a secured browser.
  3. Mobile Content Management
    Your corporate can easily control the content and data on devices and also manage information access so if any device was lost, all contents and data related to work can be wiped by your corporate remotely.
  4. Mobile Device Management
    A device management feature with a single console. The corporate can easily set the policy on devices, certain apps on the device, notification on certain periods, Wi-Fi SSID, and more. Devices can be controlled with various operating systems such as iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, and Android.

What solutions does Telkomsel offer for #DiRumahTerusAman program?

  1. For new corporate customers: 100 Free Licenses (30 days) + Free Setup & Configuration. With additional Rp126,000/month, you can get Teamplan package (4GB + unlimited CUG) and Nokia 2.2 (optional).
    • The price does not include 10% VAT.
    • Only valid for new corporate customers.
    • Telkomsel Mobile Security 100 free license is valid for 30 days.
    • Setup & configuration are only for remote setup scope without integration with a 3rd
    • Teamplan package is only for a postpaid corporate customer.
    • The device can be bundled with other brand & type with a minimum order of 10 devices.
  2. For existing corporate customers: 100 Free Licenses (30 days) + Free Setup & Configuration. With additional Rp40,000/month, you can get 10GB Add-on Flash package (optional).
    • Telkomsel Mobile Security 100 free license is valid for 30 days.
    • Only valid for existing corporate customers.
    • Setup & configuration are only for remote setup scope without integration with a 3rd
    • Add-on Flash package will not be automatically renewed and customers must have the main package.
    • The Add-on package is only for postpaid corporate customers and valid for 30 days.

For how long can I use the license?

Telkomsel Mobile Security license is valid for 30 days after the package has been activated.

What are the scopes of Mobile Security’s setup and configuration?

Free setup and configuration include the initial setup that will be done remotely and without any integration with a 3rd party. The setup and configuration will be done based on the checklist submitted by your corporate.

Does Telkomsel Mobile Security include a special data package?

No, you have to use a separate data package.

Does new corporate customer have to use connectivity package and the type of device mentioned in question number 4?

No, the package mentioned in question number 4 is the recommended bundling package. You can still choose other connectivity package and type of device.

What package can be used by existing corporate customers?

Existing corporate customers shall use the package based on the contract. Add-on Flash package is a choice and does not change the existing package.

Which official partners does Telkomsel work with to provide Telkomsel Mobile Security?

Telkomsel has been collaborating with the following partners:

  • Vmware
  • BlackBerry
  • Samsung Knox
  • Vostra – Vanguard
  • Wizy

What will happen if my license has expired?

You will have 2 options:

  1. If you would like to, you can continue the Telkomsel Mobile Security service.
  2. If you are not willing to continue the service, it will be deactivated after 30 days of use.

What package does Telkomsel offer after Telkomsel Mobile Security promo has ended?

There are 3 options:

  1. Light Package Rp20,000.
  2. Advanced Package Rp35,000.
  3. Premium Package starting from Rp58,000.
    The package price shall follow the brand you selected during the Telkomsel Mobile Security promo. For the details of each package, please contact Telkomsel’s Account Manager or Call Center 188.

How do I get Telkomsel Mobile Security service?

This program/service is only available for Telkomsel’s corporate customers. You can contact Telkmsel’s Account Manager by filling this form.

When does Mobile Security promo start?

This promo starts from April 16th to May 20th, 2020.

How do I use Mobile Security service?

  1. You need to fill the checklist requirement that will be provided by Telkomsel’s Account Manager.
  2. Telkomsel will proceed with the setup and release the license along with the admin username and password.
  3. You may install the service by following the step-by-step guide provided for each corporate.
  1. Minimum 1 year subscription contract.
  2. Penalty will apply if the company unsubscribes in the middle of the contract period.
  3. Infrastructure required for the implementation of this solution (server, operating system, database software, virtual and other servers) will be provided by the customer.
  4. Installation, configuration or upgrades of supporting devices are separate services provided by Telkomsel's partners.