mobile device management

Mobile Device Management

Elevate productivity through technology

Manage and control all corporate or personal mobile devices and enterprise mobile apps, so employees stay productive and in compliance of company policies.

Device Management Security with Telkomsel MDM



Manage devices and mobile applications

Centralized management and configuration of devices, including remote locking and OTA (Over the Air) push application.


Secure company data

Protection of important corporate information with comprehensive security.


Adherence to corporate policy

Corporate data segregation and strict enforcement of company policies.


  • Supports your BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiative and maintains efficiency
  • Company data remains secure
  • No need for investment in server or applications
  • Easy to customize devices
  • Increase employee productivity
mobile device management
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What is Telkomsel solution MDM?

Telkomsel MDM is a Telkomsel business solution in collaboration with Samsung Knox, for monitoring, managing and protecting mobile devices and applications. This solution supports the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program and increases employee productivity without violating company IT policies.

What are benefits of subscribing to Telkomsel MDM?

  • Improves efficiency and employee productivity.
  • Facilitates corporates to manage and build enterprise applications on employees’ mobile devices, also supports BYOD program.
  • Facilitates corporates to personalize their software with ease of configuration.
  • Maintains the security of enterprise applications and data by implementing IT policies on employee mobile devices (deleting data remotely, installing applications remotely, locking devices, etc).

What are main features that I can get by subscribing this solution?

  • Separation of corporate and personal data
  • Security of corporate email
  • Security of corporate data on mobile devices
  • Implementation of policy on employees’ mobile devices
  • Mobile device management
  • Remote locking and deletion of data
  • Remote configuration of mobile devices and applications
  • Personalized software

What are the Telkomsel MDM packages that I can use?

For this solution, Telkomsel partners with Samsung Knox, and the packages offered are:

  • Samsung Knox Premium - Cloud based end-to-end solution 
  • Samsung Knox Workspace - Defense-grade dual personal container
  • Samsung Knox Customization - Set of customizing tools and services

You can subscribe based on your needs by choosing the bundling package you desire.

How can Knox Customization applied to a specific industry, for instance hospitality?

With Knox Customization industry player can deliver services using customized devices as needed:

  • Avoiding application misuse.
  • Designed for special need (KiosK mode, control connectivity setting).
  • Promotion of business brand: Re-branded software, use of company logo on Boot Screen and Wallpaper logo
  • Easy control process: Practical and easy configuration

What devices are compatible to use Telkomsel MDM Solution?

Samsung Knox Premium is compatible with any Android and iOs device. Samsung Knox Workspace is compatible for certain Samsung devices.

How many devices can be use in one user license?

One user Licence can only be used for one device.

If I change my number in the registered device, can I still use Telkomsel MDM Solution services?

You must contact the PIC of the relevant company to change the number that will be used on a device that has been registered with Telkomsel MDM.

How can I subscribe to Telkomsel MDM Solution?

If you are an existing corporate customer, you can contact Telkomsel’s Account Manager. But if you’re a new corporate customer, you can contact us via call center 188 or through the Contact us menu option. 

  • This solution is cloud based
  • Trial is valid for 1 month, register by contact us