Managed Services Connectivity

Managed Services Connectivity

Always stay connected for business

Keep your business on top of its game with dependable connectivity and secure data backup.



24/7 monitoring

Monitoring and management of your network connectivity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

cost efficient

Cost efficiency

No investment required for the purchase of a modem or router.


99% uptime

Our service warranty ensures 99% uptime for your systems.


Immediate response

Any problem will be handled within a maximum of 4 hours.


High reliability and high security

Dual SIM and backup link ensures high reliability.



Optional wireless modem routers for public Internet access.


  • Maintain SLA and service performance to your customers
  • Meet your network security and data confidentiality needs
  • No investment in device and monitoring platform
  • One-stop solution and consolidated bill
  • Increase overall productivity
Managed Services Connectivity

How it works

Managed Services Connectivity
Managed Services Connectivity
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What is Managed Services Connectivity solution?

It’s a Telkomsel business solution in collaboration with partners, whose purpose is to maintain the connectivity required by the corporate customer. It achieves this through Multi-Cellular 3G/Wifi backup technology or bounding with 99% uptime.

What are benefits of subscribing to Managed Services Connectivity?

  • Maintain Service Level Agreement (SLA) and service performance for corporate customers.
  • Fulfill network security in maintaining data confidentiality.
  • No platform investment and platform monitoring at the start.
  • One stop solution and single Telkomsel bill.

What are main features I can get by subscribing this solution?

  • 24/7 monitoring and management
  • Service guarantee of 99% uptime
  • High reliability – Dual SIM and back-up link.
  • High security - End2end tunneling
  • Providing control panel to monitoring network connectivity.
  • Cost Efficient – No investment
  • Response problem handling in 4 hours.
  • Routers

What are SLA of this solution?

SLA Component Score Remarks
Service availability 99.50%  
Response time 1 hour Response time for downtime max. 1 hour
Resolution time 4 hours Resolution time for downtime max. 4 hours

What if Telkomsel cannot meet the specified SLA?

Company will get restitution according to calculations and provisions that apply.

What are Managed Services Connectivity packages that can be used by corporate customer?

For this solution, Telkomsel offers 2 packages:

  • Basic Backup (Active – Standby)
  • Bonding (Active – Active)

You can subscribe according to your needs and can choose

bundling package that you desire.

What is the device router type that is used for this solution?

Device router type Elins and Peplink or other type based on customers requirement. 

What if my company has its own device router preference?

Yes, if your company wants to use a different router type, you can contact and inform Telkomsel’s Account Manager.

Who can subscribe to Managed Services Connectivity?

Corporate customers from various industries such as manufacturing, banking & financial services, oil and mining, transportation or media, who need reliable connectivity services and Guaranteed SLA.

How can I subscribe Managed Services Connectivity?

You can do so through the relevant Telkomsel Account Manager or by contacting us.

  • 1 year minimum subscription contract
  • Penalty will be applied to company if subscription is stopped during the contract period.