Data Secured Access

Data Secured Access

Mobilize your workforce

Give them freedom to work from anywhere with Data Secured Access, increasing employee productivity and company efficiency.


flexibility in connection

Flexibility in connection

Choose your connection whether you need inetcorporate, inetspec or a leased line.

Private APN

Private APN

Use specific APN to access corporate data.

customize your connection

Customize your connection

Choose the package that meets your needs, either bulk or individual packages.

Technical configuration

Data Secured Access

More information

Benefits of Data Secured Access
  • Your employees can access company data whenever they need it, facilitating decision making.
  • Bulk data packages are customizable as needed, increasing your company’s efficiency.
  • All the data accessed via VPN is secure and reliable, with minimal risk of loss or damage.
Solutions that use Data Secured Access
  • Intranet access database
  • Finance database
  • Marketing & sales database
  • IT operation
  • Executives database
  • HR database
  • Project database
Solutions that use Data Secured Access
  • Small and remote office connectivity
  • Telemetry application
  • Mobile tracking
  • Sales force application
  • Mobile EDC
  • Mobile ATM
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How can I subscribe to Data Secured Access service?

If you are an existing Corporate Telkomsel customer, please contact your Account Manager to subscribe. If you are a new Corporate Telkomsel customer, then please call our call center at 188 or contact us. (link to contact us page)

Can a personal customer subscribe to this service?

No, this service only valid for corporate customer.

Can I access the Internet if I subscribe to Data Secured Access?

It’s possible to access the Internet if the connection setting that you are using is inetcorporate.

Can I subscribe to Telkomsel Flash if I have subscribed to Data Secured Access?

Yes, Telkomsel Flash is for your internet access while Data Secured Access is to access your internal company applications.

Can a company use a specific APN to access internal company application?

Yes, the APN can be customized to your company.

How can I browse the Internet if I subscribe to Telkomsel Internet and Data Secured Access in one number?

You will have to change your APN setting to Internet on your device then change it back to private VPN if you want to access internal company applications.

Can Telkomsel provide internal applications to meet my company’s need?

This package only contains data services, but Telkomsel can help you customize internal applications via Mobile Apps Development Platform.

  1. Valid for kartuHalo corporate customer only
  2. Can be used on 2G/3G/4G network
  3. There are some range of packages:
    • Individual volume
    • Individual unlimited with reasonable usage limit
    • Bulk (group) volume
  4. If the data usage is more than the package limit, then the conditions are as follows:
    • Individual/bulk volume: will be charged as excess usage according to the package.
    • Individual unlimited with reasonable usage limit: will not be charged as excess usage, the data access will be blocked so the customer won’t need to worry about getting unexpected charges.
  5. Telkomsel only provides data access, applications are to be provided by the company.
  6. Customer must have a leased line, if the customer doesn’t have one then Telkomsel can share their recommendation for a leased line service provider.
  7. Customer must provide the technical configuration for APN setting.