Touch to Talk

Experience a smooth work coordination on the field with a communication service that allows you to use your mobile phone like walkie-talkie without distance restriction.


instant messaging

Instant messaging

One-to-one and one-to-group messaging that includes text, voice, picture and video.

location fencing

Location fencing

Ensure that your employees stay within a stipulated area.

location tracking

Location tracking

Monitor the locations of your employees and inform them of your own location.

user interface

Intuitive user interface

Graphical user interface (GUI) ensures ease of communication.

individual and group

Individual call and real-time group call

Corporate customers can use existing mobile data layers to provide VoIP calls (4G LTE, 3G, 2G, WiFi, WiMax) one-to-one or one-to-group.

emergency message

Emergency messaging

Instantly broadcast emergency messages to all your employees whenever you need to.


  • Instant and efficient communication at the press of a button.
  • Every call and message reaches all your employees without requiring multiple calls and messages.
  • Cost effective as it uses only your existing packages.
push to talk

How It Works?

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What is Touch to Talk?

An application-based service that allows customers to use mobile phones like walkie-talkies without distance restrictions. Touch to Talk not only allows individuals and groups to send short messages (in writing and voice), but also inform and track employee positions, share images or videos, and broadcast important messages to all of your employees directly whenever you need to.

How can I subscribe to Touch to Talk?

If you are an existing Telkomsel corporate customer, you can contact the Telkomsel Account Manager. The Account Manager will request some data from the customer such as selected package, name, corporate email etc.

If you are a new Telkomsel corporate customer, then you can contact our call center 188.

Is the Touch to Talk service integrated into a conventional Handy Talkie?

Yes. By using LMR (Radio Communication / HT integration) device, two-way radio system integration with conventional HT can be done to achieve more efficient communication.

Is there a special device requirement for Touch to Talk service?

This application can be installed on all smart phones that run Android or iOS.

Is there a bundling package for companies that want to use a special Touch to Talk rugged device?

There is a bundling option for companies that want to use a special rugged device on the Touch to Talk service.

Is there a minimum contract requirement when subscribing to Touch to Talk?

Yes there is, the minimum service contract is 12 months and can be extended for the same period in the following year.

What if I unsubscribe before the term of the contract expires?

If you stop subscribing to Touch to Talk service before the contract expires, you will incur a penalty which is the remaining months of the contract multiplied by the service price.

What if my company wants to increase or decrease the number of Touch to Talk users?

You may contact the Telkomsel Account Manager and provide the corporate data of the employees who are to be added to or deleted from the Touch to Talk service.

  • Minimum corporate customer contract is for 12 months.
  • If the customer stops the service in the middle of the contract period, a penalty will be charged (the remaining contract x monthly fee license).