Enhance communication efficiency

Ensure business continuity with unlimited nationwide calls and SMS messages via MyGroup.


Close user group

Close user group (CUG)

Close user group between postpaid (kartuHalo) and prepaid (simPATI and Kartu As) users offers flexibility.

Unlimited calls and SMS

Unlimited calls and SMS

Unlimited voice calls and SMS (non-broadcast) for employees who have enrolled in the close user group.

Corporate Top Up

Corporate Top Up

Set monthly budgets and top up easily for simPATI and Kartu As users.


Ease of communication

Facilitate communication between company employees with monthly fees and values that vary according to their needs.


Cost efficiency

Improve the efficiency of corporate communications budgets with the MyGroup special pricing plan.

Always connected

If your company has more than one branch in Indonesia, you can still enjoy MyGroup pricing.

  • FAQ

  • Terms & conditions

What is MyGroup?

MyGroup is a communication solution with various monthly fees and packages that can be tailored to meet your company’s needs. This solution offers voice calls and SMS services for all your employees all over Indonesia who have registered their number in one group.

How can I register my business with MyGroup Corporate?

To register with MyGroup Corporate, you can contact our call center, your Telkomsel Account Manager or simply go to the Contact us page.

Is there a requirement for the number of users to activate MyGroup?

There’s no limitation on the number of users, you can adjust it depending on the number of employees.

Can a MyGroup user register on more than one group?

No. A user can only be registered with one group.

Can I use MyGroup on Halo Hybrid plan?

Yes, you can.

Are there tariff differences for each zone in MyGroup?

MyGroup doesn’t have any tariff differences for each zone.

Can the voice, SMS and data plans for Halo Hybrid still be used when I change mode from postpaid to prepaid?

You can use your voice and SMS packages in both postpaid and prepaid mode. But you can only use your data plan in postpaid mode.

How can I check my usage on MyGroup Corporate?

You can check your voice, SMS and data usage via UMB *363# or MyTelkomsel.

What if my data runs out?

There’s no extra usage for MyGroup Corporate package, but you can activate the Turbo package for extra usage.

If the voice plan on one group runs out, will the usage be charged to the non-package tariff?

When the voice package on the group runs out, the product will use other packages that are available. If there are no packages left, then the usage will be charged as a non-package tariff.

  • This service only valid for postpaid enterprise customers (Corporate, Government, Large Enterprise, SME)
  • There’s no contract or penalty
  • The data package is using 2G/3G/4G network. After all data has been used there will be no excess usage.
  • CUG can only be used for domestic call. CUG can be used to call member in the same group. When the CUG package has run out, the usage will use other package quota (if there is any). If there are no packages left, then the usage will be charged as a non-package tariff.