Compack Enterprise

Communication Convenience is Supported by Mobility Security

Business success in today’s challenging world depends on corporate data security and the effectiveness of communication providing you enterprise data security as well as a special package to help you succeed.

Business Communication Solution Compack Enterprise



Always Affordable

Collaborate with fellow employees with special packages for calls, SMS and data.

mobile device management

Mobile Device Management

Take control of your mobile devices across the organization to ensure security and data integrity.


Unlimited Number of Users

Regardless of the number of employees in your company, you can use the Compack Enterprise without hassle.

mobile device management

Browser and Web Apps Security

Protect the security of intranet and web apps of your company.


Flexible CUG ID with MyGroup

Compack Enterprise can be incorporated into CUG ID MyGroup packages.








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What is the advantage of Compack Enterprise?

The Compack Enterprise lets you make a large volume of calls and send a large number of SMS to fellow employees who have registered in your group. In addition to calling and texting fellow group members, Compack Enterprise users can also get Internet access and make calls and SMS to all domestic carriers with certain quota limits.

Is Compack Enterprise a promo package with a certain grace period?

The Compack Enterprise is not a promo package and does not have a certain grace period. This package will continue and any price and service changes will be notified as soon as possible. 

How do I subscribe to Compack Enterprise?

You may call 188 or contact a Telkomsel Account Manager through your company.

Is there a requirement for the number of users for the Compack Enterprise enablement?

There is none. Regardless of the number of users within a company, the Compack Enterprise can still be enabled.

If one of the employees is removed from a group of companies in the grace period, will all of the previously owned packages be lost?

Yes, all packages will be disabled when the employee is removed from the group.

Can Compack Enterprise be incorporated into a previous MyGroup used on corporate?

Yes, but we recommend to upgrade MyGroup package to Compack Enterprise.

If I activate the package in the middle of a particular month, will I still be charged a full month's price or a pro-rated scheme?

If you activate the Compack Enterprise by mid-month, you will be charged a fee on a certain prorated billing date. The calculation method is the number of days spent divided by the number of days in a month multiplied by the price of the Compack Enterprise.

Is there a price difference between zones in Compack Enterprise?

No, every zone all over Indonesia has the same price and packages.

Can Compack Enterprise be used for Hybrid cards?


Will the call, SMS and data packages for Hybrid cards remain usable when I switch from postpaid to prepaid mode?

Call and SMS packages can only be used in postpaid mode, but data packets can be used in all modes. So, when you switch from postpaid to prepaid mode, only data packages can still be enjoyed.

Are CUG phone packages counted in minutes or seconds?

Phone charges are calculated according to the rules that apply to each package.

How do I check Compack Enterprise quota?

You can check through MyTelkomsel App or via UMB by calling *888#.

What happens if the data package has run out?

There is no overuse for the Compack Enterprise. For more data, you can activate the Turbo package.

Can the Compack Enterprise be combined with other Flash packages?

This package cannot be combined with other Internet packages, because the system can monitor only one package.

Are CUG packages or phones in a single group limited to 1,000 minutes and 1,000 SMS?

Yes, CUG phone and SMS packages in a single group are limited to 1,000 minutes and 1,000 SMS.

When the phone package in one group has been used up, will I be charged with Pay-All-Use (PAYU) fee/basic tariff?

When the CUG package or phone in the group is up, other available packages will be used, such as phone packages to all operators. If another package is also not available, you will be charged PAYU/basic tariff rate.

Do phone and SMS quotas to all carriers apply for home phone numbers?

Yes, the phone and SMS quotas apply to all numbers; fellow Telkomsel and other operators including home phones.

Does Compack Enterprise include security feature?

Yes, Compack Enterprise including BlackBerry EMS Management Edition starts from Rp125,000 - Rp325,000.

What are the features of Compack Enterprise?

  1. Broad communication of employee.
  2. Unlimited user.
  3. Flexible CUG ID with MyGroup.
  4. Mobile Device Management.
  5. Browser and Web Apps Security.

Is there any feature beside BlackBerry EMS Management Edition?

Yes, you can check other features on Telkomsel Mobile Security.

Where can I obtain more information about Mobile Security Services?

Please visit this link to find out more about Mobile Security Services we offer.

  • Service prices exclude 10% tax.
  • Only valid for corporate postpaid users (Corporate, Government, Large Enterprise, SME).
  • Prorated tariff is based on billing cycle.
  • There’s no contract or penalty.
  • Data packages use 2G/3G/4G network. After all of the data packages run out, there will be no excess usage.
  • CUG calls can only be used for domestic usage either for incoming or outgoing calls. CUG can be used for members of one group. When the CUG package runs out, it will use call package to fellow Telkomsel quota (if any), when all of the packages run out then it will use non-package tariff.
  • Voice package can be used to call all operator numbers, not including home telephone.
  • Premium package can be activated after the main package has been activated.
  • You will receive a notification to extend package after the trial is over.