Enterprise Communication

Enhance Business Communications

Tap into our infrastructure for improved communication efficiency across your enterprise.

Enterprise Communication

#SocietyHeroes Package

Don’t worry, #SocietyHeroes. Let’s get the right communication package for medical workers, digital entrepreneurs, and teaching staff to stay connected everywhere at any time.


Emergency Mass Notification Services

Manage and protect your business continuity and operations during critical situations with BlackBerry AtHoc.

Basic Communication

Compack Enterprise

Enhance your business communication with your colleagues and partners via Compack Enterprise.


Smart Voice Communication

Keep your customers happy with more productive call center operations.

Messaging Communication


Keep your enterprise always updated by sending unlimited SMS to unlimited numbers via the Internet.

Enterprise Communication

Touch to Talk

Experience a smooth work coordination on the field with a communication service that allows you to use your mobile phone like walkie-talkie without distance restriction.