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Smart City Solutions with MyCity Platform

Improve your city with Smart City Solutions, software that integrates data where the city government can easily use to control and make decisions based on accurate analysis.


Smart Government

Analyse and work on the reporting of the citizens feedbacks accurately using comprehensive graphic visualizations.

Smart Mobility

Connect through CCTV with plug and play module, enabling you to analyse moving object and get the updated traffic condition.

Smart Environment

Smart Environment can show the level of pollution in every region with updated information, only in a matter of hours.

Smart Media Analysis

This analytic tool can classify by summarizing social media data based on certain criteria such as topic, popularity, and sentiment.

Smart Safety

By utilizing the CCTV plug and play module, this feature allows you to search for people or cars using License Plate and Face Recognition.

More Benefits from MyCity Platform

  • The government can be connected with the city data instantly and accurately, learn about the problems in real-time, allowing them to make measured and strategic solutions.
  • Empowering the citizens by providing Qlue App to help citizens create positive habits to improve the city.
  • MyCity Platform is an Open API that allows deployment and integration with the existing app easily.
  • The subscription with Telkomsel is flexible, can be done monthly or with one-time payment.
  • FAQ

What is Smart City solutions?

Smart City solutions through MyCity Platform is a software solution that integrates various data sources and visualize them into a dashboard where the city government can easily use it to control and make decisions based on more accurate analysis process.

Can the government receive all inquiries and feedbacks from the citizens?

Yes, MyCity Platform allows government to receive all feedbacks from the citizens.

How do citizens send their inquiry or feedback to the city government?

They can download Qlue App via Play Store or App Store, and send them via the app according to the city or region where you reside.

How do corporates subscribe to Smart City Solution/MyCity Platform?

Please contact Telkomsel Account Manager or Call Center 188.

Who can subscribe to Smart City Solution?

This solution is available for corporates for government.