SME employee management

SDM Digital

Manage employee matters without hassle

Effectively manage employee database, salary calculations and payments for all your employees.

Human Resources Management with SDM Digital



Employee data management

Centralized employee database, career information and remuneration (salary and other compensation).

employee payroll

Payroll management

Payroll and remuneration (includes overtime) calculation, PPh21, BPJS, and integrated online payment through bank.

employee attendance

Employee attendance

Mobile apps base attendance system using geofencing and face recognition feaures


Employee self-service

Employees can view personal data and paychecks, apply for leave, and view online attendance records.

work schedule

Work management

Work schedules, managing multiple work sites shifts and working hour regulations can be monitored automatically.

employee loan

Employee loan

Conveniently record employee loans and set up payment schedules.


  • Web-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Centralized employee and attendance data.
  • Automatic calculation of payroll, overtime, allowance, sick/personal leave, annual leave, PPh 21 and BPJS.
SME employee management

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This integrated solution has been very effective in helping me manage matters related to human resources for my business.”

TOUCI, PR Manager, Houbii

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  • FAQ

What is SDM Digital?

It is a cloud based human resource management application. SDM Digital features have been tailored to the needs of small-medium businesses. It features employee database management, payroll management with automatic bank payment includes tax and allowance (BPJS, etc) calculation, and mobile attendance application (android app).

It is a product of the partnership between Telkomsel and PT. Fatiha Sakti

How can I get SDM Digital solution?

To get SDM Digital, you can register online through and follow the instruction on the page.

What are the benefits of using SDM Digital?

The service helps small-medium enterprise HRM to be more efficient and productive at a minimum investment. Immediate benefits are as follows:

  • Easier employee administration such as personal data, leave management, attendance record, and payroll management.
  • The owner can closely monitor SDM Digital anytime, anywhere.
  • Employee portal services that enable employees to manage attendance, payroll, and applying for an absence or leave. This feature is a way to increase employee engagement.
  • Helping HR&finance department to calculate payroll, taxes, and allowance (BPJS). It saves time and possible savings through reducing cost on HR admin or hiring a consultant to conduct the calculation.
  • Helping the HR&Finance department to conduct the booking on employee expenses.
  • Easy to use and learned by anyone

What are the benefits of using mobile-based attendance app?

  • Using GPS and biometric (face recognition) technology to record employee attendance. It is accurate and could prevent any misuse.
  • Monitor employee attendance on the designated area/spots that has been predetermined.
  • Timesheet consist of real-time data from employee schedule and activities so that HR department can monitor employee with high mobility effectively. It is crucial for employee evaluation.
  • Reimbursement feature to help HR&Finance department managing employee reimbursement.

To what sort of businesses is the service suitable for?

  • Businesses applying weekly and/or monthly based payroll.
  • Businesses applying overtime
  • Businesses applying for tax and allowances

Hadirr accommodate needs to monitor employee attendance in real-time, especially of use for:

  • Businesses with a huge number of mobile employee
  • Businesses with branches
  • Businesses with employee spread across an area or on a number of project sites

Can I get a custom feature on the service?

It is a generic service and we do not provide customization.

I still don’t understand on how to use the service.

To get the full explanation on the service you may direct your questions to our Product Consultant through live chat available on the application or through hotline (021) 3972-2030 or (021) 8379-3420 ext.1

If your problem is on the network connection, you may direct your question to the Telkomsel contact channel.

  • Website:
  • Call center: 188
  • Email:

What differentiate SDM Digital with competitor products?

  • Easily use and understand by anyone.
  • Features adjustable with SMEs needs and comply with Indonesian regulatory
  • Accurate calculation of taxes and allowances (BPJS)
  • Adjustable investment (adjusted to the number of employee) and economically priced

What about Hadirr?

It requires no

  • It requires no pre-installation unlike the fingerprint system and user can use their own mobile phone
  • High accuracy
  • Obtain attendance record anywhere anytime.
  • Centralized attendance data so businesses with branches can still monitor remote work sites from head office.
  • Equipped with reimbursement feature

How much time needed to implement SDM Digital?

SDM Digital is built to easily operate and self-service oriented so no need for special implementation time. Users conduct set up by following the designated user-friendly flow upon registration.