SME ehealth solution

Klinik Digital

Provide care with confidence

Klinik Digital is a solution specifically tailored to healthcare businesses so you can manage your business efficiently and securely.



Outpatient module

Manage every aspect of patient care at every stage of treatment.

medical record

Medical record module

Securely store all your medical records and access them anytime.


Booking online and real-time queuing system

Enabling patients to book appointment online and reduce queuing time so the doctors/clinics time usage is more manageable.


  • Easy-to-use solution for doctors and clinic owners to manage patient care
  • Manages queue times efficiently and reduces operational costs
  • Cloud based, so does not require hardware investment
SME ehealth solution

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  • FAQ

What is Klinik Digital?

  • Klinik Digital is a solution that provides health care information system for doctors and clinics.
  • The solution enables doctors and clinics to manage their healthcare information, such as outpatient, inpatient, medical records, pharmacy, queuing system and finance.
  • This application system also enables patients to find the nearest doctor / clinic, see the doctor’s schedule, and make an appointment. In addition, this solution is also integrated with BPJS Kesehatan. Hence, it helps doctors serve patients who use BPJS Kesehatan.

Who can use Klinik Digital?

Klinik Digital is suitable for doctors and clinics. This solution can be used by clinics that provide outpatient and inpatient services.

What package will I get if I use Klinik Digital?

Every service is bundled with 2GB data access and 1GB data access to application (there is no additional fee).

How can I get Klinik Digital?

To get Klinik Digital, you can register online through and follow the instruction on the page.

What is the next thing to do after filling the form in Klinik Digital website?

You will be contacted by Telkomsel Call Center agents to complete the registration process.

If my clinic provides inpatient services, can I use this solution?


Is there any trial period if I want to try this solution first?

Yes, there is a 30-day trial period if you wish to try Klinik Digital.

Do I have to use kartuHalo for Klinik Digital connectivity solution?

Yes, because the subscription fee is charged to your kartuHalo bill. In addition, by using kartuHalo, you will enjoy several benefits:

  1. Network and service priority
  2. Various privileges from Telkomsel program
  3. High speed Internet connection
  4. Special Internet package (free access to Klinik Digital services)

I am an existing Telkomsel customer. Do I have to use a new kartuHalo to access Klinik Digital services?

Yes, you are expected to use a new kartuHalo SME to access Klinik Digital services.

I have minimum understanding on how to use these services. Does Telkomsel provide assistance to use these services?

Telkomsel provides assistance for Klinik Digital through Outbound Call agent and makes sure that the solution is implemented and ready to be used by you.

If I already have a healthcare information system, can I still use Klinik Digital?

Yes. Telkomsel and its partner will contact you and help you further regarding data migration process from your previous health care information system to Klinik Digital.

Is there any phone number or email that I can contact if I’m unclear on any information?

For further information or any complaints about Telkomsel Corporate Business Solution, please contact :