All You Need for Your Business in One Platform

Kasir Digital by Majoo improves your app-based business with comprehensive services such as point of sales, inventory management, accounting, HR, and loyalty program system.


Cloud-Based Report and Dashboard

You can maintain transactions anywhere and anytime. This application also gives the ability to monitor several outlets at once.

Inventory Management

You can monitor and control inventory, capital price settings, selling prices and recipes.

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Loyalty System

Make it easy for you to provide special offers for your customers. There are complete records related to customer habits and insights to increase your engagement with customers.

Attendance System

Make it easy for your employees to make daily attendance that can be monitored for 24 hours.

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  • FAQ

What is Kasir Digital by Majoo?

Majoo point of sale (POS) solution is an app-based business supporting platform that provides comprehensive solutions such as point of sales, inventory management, accounting, HR, and loyalty programs with monthly scheme payment and affordable price for all business segments.

How do I register to Telkomsel Kasir Digital Majoo?

If you want to subscribe to this service, please contact Telkomsel Account Manager, or you can also purchase it via https://mybusiness.telkomsel.com/listing?q=majoo#!/list/page/1/search=majoo and follow the instructions on that page.

How much will I be charged for Kasir Digital Majoo subscription?

The Kasir Digital Majoo bundling package’s price and details are as follow:


Package Regular* Business Business Pro
Majoo License Rp130,000 Rp70,000 Rp125,000
Internet Quota 3GB 2GB 3GB


*Terms & Conditions:

  • The price does not include 10% VAT.
  • The package will be renewed every month.
  • The regular package will be renewed every year, you will only be charged Rp35,000 every month for the internet.

How is the payment mechanism if I subscribe to Kasir Digital Majoo?

You will be charged via Telkomsel postpaid billing, prepaid or credit card.

Can I request a service feature through Telkomsel Kasir Digital Majoo?

Please contact Telkomsel Account Manager for service customization.

Does Majoo service include the cashier and EDC machines?

No, Majoo bundling service does not include cashier and EDC machines.

Is there any additional installation fee?

No, there isn’t.

Can I stop subscribing to Kasir Digital Majoo at any time?

Yes, you can stop subscribing any time.

How do I stop subscribing from Kasir Digital Majoo?

Please contact Telkomsel Call Center, GraPARI, or Telkomsel Account Manager. Or, you can just stop renewing your subscription.

If I want to report a problem, who should I contact?

Please contact Telkomsel Call Center at 188 or report your problem to Majoo Call Center at 1500460 (24 hours).