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Better Transaction, Better Business

Kasir Digital service makes the transactions with customers faster and easier, so it will help to grow your business.

Cloud Based Point of Sale - Kasir Digital


more payments

More payment options

Receive speedy payment via credit cards as well as debit cards.

easy management

Easy management

Manage multiple outlets, orders, staff and inventory in just a few steps.


Analytics & intelligence

Always keep the big picture in mind with analytics and insights that help you make decisions.



  • Expand your business network.
  • Increase sales and reduce operational and marketing costs.
  • Increase brand awareness with targeted campaign feature.
SME MPOS solution

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*Price includes VAT 10%.

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*Price includes VAT 10%.

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*Price includes VAT 10%.

  • FAQ

What is Kasir Digital?

Kasir Digital is a Mobile Point of Sales solution or a cloud-based digital cashier that helps small and medium enterprises do business. This allows SMEs to monitor their business, receive customer payments and track demand anytime and anywhere with just a smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet network. The service also allows SMEs to receive cash, debit and credit card payments.

What is the price and quota value of Kasir Digital?


  • The offered price is Rp250.000.00 per month per branch. The package includes 1 Kasir Digital account and 2GB of Telkomsel Flash data. You may choose to subscribe monthly, without contract, or subscribe to a contract. There is no difference in the price of the package, but if you are willing to contract 1 year, you are entitled to get Kasir Digital dongle (Kasir Digital card reader) for Rp2.000.000.
  • Additional members (in 1 merchant branch) are charged an additional fee of Rp 50,000 / month with a value of 2GB Telkomsel Internet data. Additional member fees are optional, as this additional member can be added directly from the Kasir Digital application/web.
  • This Kasir Digital package is not included with the hardware.


Who can use Kasir Digital solution?

Kasir Digital solution can be used by all SMEs that have offline business and need application for cashier. These include Food & Beverage Industry (coffee shops, fast food restaurants, bakeries, food trucks), Retail (beauty & fashion stores, hobbies, bazaars), or Service Business (barber shops, beauty salons, massage & spa, nail art).

If I have many employees in one branch, should I buy multiple accounts or just one account only? What if I have more than one business branch?

One account can be used for multiple employees in one branch, but if there are more than one branch, you must purchase additional account because it will affect the backend system of Kasir Digital, such as dashboard sales feature, menu, inventory, etc. which need to be kept separately for multiple branches so that information from different branches will not be mixed up.

What are the features and benefits of this solution?

• Some features of the Kasir Digital solution:

- Manage multiple outlets

- Accept card payment with Kasir Digital card reader

- Manage multiple orders

- Inventory management

- CRM management

- Report and analytics


• Some of the benefits of using the Kasir Digital solution:

- Facilitate management of your business

- Reduce operational costs

- Cloud based, does not require server investment

- Simple, can be downloaded on iOS or Android

- Gives you valuable information through business and sales reports

- Lets you receive cash payment via both debit cards and credit cards

How can I register for the Kasir Digital solution?


  • To get Kasir Digital solution, you can register through the website: tsel.me/mokapos and click Register to create an account. You will automatically get a trial period for 30 days (web and applications only).
  • If you wish to continue commercial use, you can contact Telkomsel.


What happens to the billing process when I decide to use the solution commercially?

If you wish to continue using the Kasir Digital solution commercially, you should use kartuHalo for billing.

If I already am subscribed to kartuHalo, is it necessary to have a new kartuHalo subscription to use Kasir Digital service?

Yes, you are expected to subscribe to a new kartuHalo SME service to use Kasir Digital services.

What hardware is needed to use Kasir Digital solution?

• The main hardware needed is a smartphone or tablet (both Android and iOS) to install Kasir Digital applications (optimal resolution on tablets > 7 inch size). In addition, you are also entitled to Kasir Digital dongle if you are willing to contract 1 year (Further explanation on Kasir Digital dongle at next point).

• There are generally 2 additional pieces of hardware required by the cashier: printer and cash drawer (place to put money). Kasir Digital partners provide hardware that can be integrated with Kasir Digital application, with the following options:


• mPOP star micronics (Printer as well as Cash Drawer, recommended) Connected with apps via Bluetooth, can be used either through Android or iOS tablets, can print bills and tickets

• Mobile Bluetooth (Printer)

Connected with apps via Bluetooth, can only be integrated with Android tablets, can only print bills.

• Receipt and Kitchen Printer Star Micronics (Printer)

Connected with apps via LAN, can be integrated with Android and iOS tablets, can print bills and ticket.

• Cash Drawer

Connected with apps via LAN, can be integrated with Receipt and Kitchen Star Micronics Printer, there is a keyhole to open Cash Drawer manually.

• All hardware, pricing, specifications and availability can be purchased through Tokopedia partner account: https://www.tokopedia.com/mokapointofsale. In the Description section, please provide the Merchant Name with the information that it is a Merchant from Telkomsel.

What is a Kasir Digital dongle?

Kasir Digital dongle / Card Reader is a device for non-cash transactions using credit cards or debit cards. The difference between the MPOS dongle and the EDC is the ownership of the device, where the EDC is a bank owned device and a minimum of transactions must be met in one period if you want to continue using EDC, whereas you will fully own the Kasir Digital dongle.

Will Kasir Digital dongle be used for all banks? Is there an MDR for transactions using the Kasir Digital dongle?

Kasir Digital dongle can be used for all credit card transactions and debit cards with Visa and MasterCard logo (cannot be used for transactions with BCA). There is a MDR of 2.2% per transaction.

If the customer does not understand the service, does Telkomsel provide assistance for the use of this Kasir Digital service?

Telkomsel provides Kasir Digital solution assistance through Call Center agent (021) 300-615-40 for registered Kasir Digital subscribers.

Is there a guide in setting application Kasir Digital?

Yes, you can watch the set-up guide here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wY-RFjGNrQ

Is there a contact (email and phone number) that can be contacted if there is clear information?

For further information and any concerns regarding Kasir Digital products, you may contact us through our