SME kartuhalo

kartuHalo SME

The best postpaid plan for SMEs

kartuHalo SME is a special postpaid package designed with the needs of SMEs in mind.


competitive rates

Competitive rates

Achieve cost efficiencies with more affordable rates.

favorite numbers

Favorite numbers

Call up to 10 Telkomsel numbers with more competitive rates.


SMS perks

Get 100 SMS once you’ve sent 10 SMS to other kartuHalo numbers.



  • Facilitate communication between employees with a special price for 10 favorite numbers.
  • Improve the efficiency of your corporate communications budgets with the kartuHalo SME special pricing plan.


SME kartuhalo

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kartu halo SME
  • FAQ

What is kartuHalo SME?

kartuHalo SME is a kartuHalo price plan for small and medium enterprises, with features tailored to such enterprises.

What are the advantages of using kartuHalo SME?

If you are a small and medium enterprise, you can enjoy communication features tailored to your needs.

How to subscribe to kartuHalo SME?

You can contact the nearest GraPARI, your Account Manager or PSB online.

Can I activate Flash package or other communication packages if I use kartuHalo SME?

Yes, you can.

Does kartuHalo SME have minimum usage per month?

Yes. The minimum usage is Rp45.000.