SME fixed mobile broadbrand

Broadband Package Plus

Work from anywhere

Discover the Internet network that lets you do whatever you need, wherever you are.



Close User Group (CUG)

Close user group between postpaid (kartuHalo) and prepaid (simPATI and Kartu As) users offers flexibility.

call sms

Unlimited calls and SMS

Unlimited voice calls and SMS (non-broadcast) for employees who have enrolled in the close user group.


Internet connection anywhere

Powerful Internet access anywhere you need it.


  • Always have backup connectivity when there is no power in the office or outdoors
  • Fellow employees can SMS and Call as much on one CUG group ID
  • Superfast Internet connection across and even outside your office premises
SME fixed mobile broadbrand


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What is Broadband Package Plus?

Broadband Package Plus is a bundle package that aims to provide comfort and certainty of fast Internet connection indoors and outdoors.

How many Bundle Packages are offered for Broadband Package Plus?

There are two bundle packages offered, among others:

  • HSI FUP 10 Mbps & CUG 45K + 2GB (All-Tech)
  • HSI FUP 10Mbps & Flash MiFi 12GB

How can I subscribe to Broadband Package Plus?

There are three ways to subscribe, including:

  • Visit the nearest graPARI
  • Call our call center
  • Subscribe via telkomsel website at

Can I add more CUG members to HSI FUP packages of 10 Mbps & CUG 45K + 2GB (All-Tech) ?

Yes, the maximum number of CUG members in a single CUG ID is 150 numbers.

  1. For enterprise customers (Corporate, Government, Large Enterprise, SME)
  2. Price excludes 10% PPN
  3. Internet network includes 2G/3G/4G. CUG is strictly for domestic use only. CUG use is applicable only to group members of the same group ID that have active CUG combo package in the HSI bundle offer. When quota usage is reached, the service will use quota from on-net (if available), and then from other bonus, if available, before going to PAYU rate.